Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Fundraisers...Take Out a Loan Now!

And so it begins...

I thought I had this child-rearing thing all figured out. After all, I'm now a mom to 3- and 1-year-old boys. You would think I've seen pretty much everything by this point. While I may be a pro surviving now when it comes to the toddler world, preschool, on the other hand, is a new, eye-opening experience!

Ethan's preschool collage
Photographs courtesy of Teddy Bear Portraits
In just one month's time in this new surrounding, I think I've learned more than my little preschooler! For instance, did you know that cute, little 3-year-old girls don't have cooties?!? I thought I'd have at least 10 years before I had to worry about crushes and love triangles. Darn! I may have to re-think this whole wanting a girl thing. I'm not sure I'd survive the preschool years with her, much less the teenage ones (if she'd be anything like me)!

Another thing I have quickly learned is that fund-raising starts early! Very early. In just one short month there have already been multiple opportunities to raise money for his preschool. First up, school pictures! I don't know that this was the case nearly 30 years ago when I made my way into the preschool world for the first time, but today they take photos of your kids with portions of the sales returning to the school. Smart thinking photography companies! I mean, what parent is going to pass on buying pics of their kids if it benefits the school? Surely not this mama. Yep, that's my cute little preschooler you see in the above photos! I know, could he look any more ornery than he does in those pics? Nope, I don't think so either! So yeah, they suckered me into buying some, even though we just had professional ones done in June, and we'll be doing more in October (with the fabulous Kristy Vest Photography - she took the pics you see in my blog header). I couldn't miss out on his first school pics!! Of course they don't tell you any of their prices up front though. They bombard you with it when you come in to view the already printed ones, so you feel bad not buying the 20 sheets of pics of your kid that they already spent time and money creating for you. Sigh. Of course it was just me there checking out all of the adorable photos, while hubby, my voice of reason, was far away at work. Could I resist buying the entire outrageous collection? Hubby would be proud. I managed to escape with just one 8x10 of each of the three poses they had of him. Go me! I wouldn't let them sucker me into buying their "keepsake collage." I came home and made this one myself! :) I like it better than theirs anyway, and love it knowing I didn't donate one of my arms to get it. I'm all for supporting the school, but come on people.

School pics still hotly in hand, the next opportunity to support the school presented itself...Scholastic book sales! They sent the brightly-colored flyer home in his backpack, packed full of fun, awesome books for sale. How exciting, our first book sale! I can remember when I was younger going to the book fairs they set up in the school gymnasium. That was always a highlight of the year for a little book worm like myself. I searched through the flyer several times and finally decided on a couple selections. A package of classics (you can't beat 10 books for ~$15, right?) and a pair of Berenstain Bears books (a favorite of both mine and hubby's from our early years). Being the first-time preschool mama that I am, I didn't want to be the only parent not buying any books, especially since it would benefit the preschool...and then he brought home another Scholastic flyer yesterday, and this mama quickly realized that the book sales are a monthly ordeal. Wow. Who knew we were going to go broke while our first-born is still in preschool?

Still reeling from the idea of buying new books every month, yet another opportunity surfaced. A "yard sale" of sorts is being organized for next month. Now we can donate anything we no longer need want for the preschool to sell to members of the church and surrounding community. And of course we can donate our time, talents and second-born child, if we see fit. ;) Don't get me wrong, I am all for supporting the preschool that we decided to send our child to, but I thought when we paid all of those fees up front that our financial commitment for the year would be covered. Boy was I wrong. I didn't realize we should have planned on taking out a small loan for preschool, much like one would expect for the college years. Where were my fellow mamas to warn me of this?? Yes, I'm looking at you, dear sister! ;) No really, no one talks about this aspect of school. Beware moms of toddlers...your time is coming! Start saving now so you don't find yourself halfway through the school year with your pockets empty.

What fundraisers have your children's schools done so far this year?


  1. I've done everything you've had to do so far (except their pictures aren't being taking until next Wednesday and we know the prices beforehand. Doug and I are both volunteering for a hour each at the Fall Festival (I'm working Jessica's class game and Doug is working Kaitlyn's), we passed up on selling cards since we don't have any family here to bug. :) Oh, we are also cutting off all box tops and Campbells soup labels. Don't get me started on buying snacks for both classes twice a month.

    1. Wow! Sounds like you've had it even worse than us! :( I thought maybe it'd be better at the public schools vs private, but I guess not! :/

  2. Gosh, I had no idea this started so early! Thanks for the head's up--we're only the 2nd week in, but sounds like by next week at this time I can expect to have about 6 fundraisers to work on, huh? ;)

    1. Yep, it was definitely news to me! Trust me, if you didn't feel needed before, you definitely will now! ;)


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