Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu Monday #18

Whew, I am a little late today! We have had a very busy day with Ethan starting speech therapy at a new location this morning, then we hosted a last minute playdate at our house this afternoon. Nine kids under 5. Yeah, it was kind of a zoo for a couple hours! Haha!

We enjoyed another relaxing weekend at home this weekend. It was wonderful. On Friday night, we decided to head out for dinner instead of making pizza. Last week was 'kids eat free week' at Olive Garden, so we took advantage of that to score the kids some free dinner! :) The next morning, I decided to make something we hadn't had in a long time...French Toast! I don't know why I hadn't made it in so long, but I had plenty of bread and eggs and it sounded good. We topped it with fresh strawberries and cream. Yum! Later on, we headed out to do some shopping, but fueled up with some Panera Bread first. Ethan loves "sitting outside to eat," and it was the perfect day for it. A gentle, cool breeze countered the bright sunshine and made for perfect temperatures outside. Love it! I was excited to score some awesome fall decorations at 50% off at Michaels. Now my mantle is ready for fall and so am I! :) On Saturday night, we stayed in to watch football and make pizza. Hubby and I watched Contagion after putting the kids to bed. I really enjoyed it, but then I am a health nerd that is really into stuff about diseases and how they spread. ;) It has an all-star cast, too! On Sunday morning, the hubby and boys treated me to breakfast. Scrambled eggs and Cream of Wheat! The perfect treat for a cool morning and something nice and easy that the boys could handle. :)

I hadn't made these in awhile and when hubby requested lasagna for the week, I thought these would be nice. Much quicker and easier than a pan of lasagna and they also yielded leftovers. Awesome.

MondayMelt In Your Mouth Baked Chicken, whole wheat pasta, roasted asparagus
Another meal we hadn't had in awhile, but a good one for a rainy day! Everyone loves it and I made extra for leftovers.

Tuesday: Cubed steak with mushroom soup over rice, pan fried parmesan green beans
I haven't made this meal in ages...over a year ago, in fact! It was another request of hubby's and should be perfect for a cooler, rainy day! It's super easy because you just throw the meat and soup in a slow cooker and let it cook all day. It was a meal we ate a lot when I was growing up, so it always reminds me of home. :)

Wednesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato bisque soup
The forecasted high for the day is in the upper 60s, so this meal will be great to warm us up! I will use provolone cheese and bake my own French bread in the bread machine for the sandwiches. I found an organic soup to try, so I hope we like it! I may doctor it up with additional spices if needed.

Thursday: Grilled Italian sausage with onions, bell peppers & mushrooms, baked sweet potato fries
We're expected to have nice weather this day, so we'll grill out once for the week! I like to marinate the veggies in Zesty Italian dressing for the day to give them some nice added flavor.

Friday: Trip to Ohio
We're headed north once again, so I'll get a break from the kitchen!

Saturday: Wedding
I am super excited about attending the wedding of one of my best friends from college this weekend. I am sure dinner will be fabulous and it will be wonderful to see old friends from college!

Happy meal planning to you this week! Enjoy these cooler temps! :)


  1. Love that you are a "health nerd" and I want to see that movie too! Looking forward to hearing about your weekend and hope the wedding was a blast :) Also hope speech therapy is going well--you rock it out for staying on top of all this!

    1. Definitely check it out, but beware, you may live in fear for awhile that every cough around you will likely result in your demise. :( Haha! Yes, I must post soon about our weekend, it was wonderful! :)


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