Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nine Months Old

Ethan turned nine months old already a couple weeks ago! I have been crazy busy with making Christmas cards the last few weeks, so I need to get caught up! He had an appointment with his pediatrician this month, so I know the measurements are correct this month. J I must have been wrong on the weight last month as little man weighed in at just 18 pounds, 1 ounce this month, which is down to the 10th to 25th percentile. He didn't grow at all, so he is still measuring up at 28.5 inches this month, which is down to the 50th to 75th percentile. He is in the 10th percentile for height to weight ratio. Head growth has gone up this time to 46.5 cm, which is up to the 75th to 90th percentile. We’re hoping that means his brain is getting really big, haha. J

New foods tried this month:

  • Meat in a jar (be sure to check out the funny video of this one! haha)
  • Real sweet potatoes and bananas
  • Gerber Puffs (he is feeding them to himself! Yay!)
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Pumpkin cookies
  • A whole feast at Thanksgiving! Turkey, corn casserole, mashed potatoes, rolls, cranberry jello salad and bread!

It is truly amazing the amounts of food this boy can put away! He was able to eat an entire pancake, all by himself, followed up by an entire banana! I have started making some foods for him, like baking sweet potatoes and freezing individual containers for him to eat, and the pancakes, of course. I also made a bunch of pumpkin cookies for Thanksgiving, that he thoroughly enjoyed! We want him to work on starting feeding himself, so we started Puffs, which he quickly figured out how to get into his own mouth! J

We did have a moment of insanity where we, for some reason, felt that mashed up meat in a jar would be a good idea. Boy, were we wrong! As you can see in the video, Ethan felt gagging and throwing it back up were appropriate things to do when given this disgusting food, haha. J I feel bad that we found humor in this event, but you have to admit it is a little funny! J

Being able to eat real food now, Thanksgiving was an especially yummy time for Ethan. He had a whole feast by himself, even showing up all of the other kids with how much he could eat! haha

New accomplishments this month:

  • First steps by himself (on December 2nd, just before turning 9 months)
  • When food is coming at his mouth, he spits out the pacifier – he is ready to eat! haha
  • His first cold L (we came back from Thanksgiving and had managed to get colds while we were there)

We are STILL waiting for those highly anticipated first words! It definitely sounded like he said “mama” at his doctor’s appointment, but he hasn’t said it again, so we think it may be a fluke. L

Since last month he hasn’t gotten any more teeth. He doesn’t appear to be having any close to coming in, either.

He is working on his balance and doing more walking, because for now, he has just taken a few wobbly steps. But it is promising!

Below is a pic of Ethan at nine months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. Of course he is still my little cutie pie with his funny faces! J He is such a ham!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eight Months Old

Ethan turned eight months old a couple weeks ago. I can’t seem to keep up here! Since last month, the little man gained over a pound to weigh in at around 18.5 lbs, which is still in the 25th percentile. He also grew about a half of an inch to measure up at 28.5 inches this month, which is down to the 75th percentile. He is up to the 25th percentile for height to weight ratio. Head growth is again staying right on target at 45 cm, dead on the 50th percentile again.

New foods tried this month:

  • Nada

Nothing exciting going on in the food department right now. Just sticking with the routine of oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast and rice or mixed grain cereal and a veggie for dinner.

New accomplishments this month:

  • First playdate with his new buddy, Aiden, on Oct. 8th
  • First doctor’s visit on Oct. 13th (for something besides a well checkup)
  • Climbed the stairs on Oct. 26th
  • Saying “ba, ba, ba”
  • Appearance of second tooth

So I found another mom in a nearby town with a son that is Ethan’s age. We have a lot in common (they also recently moved to GA) and we are looking forward to getting out of the house for playdates with them now! J

Ethan started what I thought was wheezing one day when he got excited or upset and after a few days of it, I began to worry, as most new mothers do, and set up an appointment to see his doctor. Turns out she thinks he had laryngomalacia, which is basically just swelling around the larynx, or the voicebox. It is apparently common in infants and they usually grow out of it. She gave him a steroid to use for three days and this appeared to get rid of it! So, I can’t complain seeing as this is the only problem he has had in all of his eight months, especially with all the illness going around right now!

He also has started to test his limits, haha! We were downstairs one day and he normally just crawls around, usually trying to get into Daisy’s food, but on this particular day, he began to climb the stairs! He was up to the third one before I caught him! He is a fast little booger! J

We are still waiting for those highly anticipated first words! Hoping it will be anytime now, but so far, he is just sticking to “ba, ba, ba.” Not sure that means anything or not. J You can tell he is trying to mimic what we are doing with our mouths to form a word, but he just doesn’t quite have it yet!

Ethan now has two teeth in. It has been a hard battle. It took awhile to cut the second one and we went for a whole month of Ethan waking at night. Hoping to break this habit soon!

Ethan celebrated his first Halloween. He dressed up as a dinosaur to match his big sister, Daisy. J They were super cute together, even though the day itself was kind of a bust. It was rainy, so the costume contests downtown on the square were cancelled and we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters at the house either! L Oh well. They still looked good!

Below is a pic of Ethan at eight months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. Still my little cutie pie with his funny faces! J

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seven Months Old

Ethan turned seven months old a little over a week ago. I am still kind of behind here! Since last month, the skinny little guy is still keeping his slim figure, and has gained only about half of a pound to weigh in at around 17 lbs, which is down to the 25th percentile. He also grew just a quarter of an inch to measure up at 28 inches this month, which is down to the 75th-90th percentile. He is still only in the 3rd-10th percentile for height to weight ratio. Head growth is again staying right on target at a little over 44 cm, dead on the 50th percentile again.

New foods tried this month:

  • Bananas
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Prunes
  • Mixed grain cereal
  • Many Stage 2 foods (with the exception of anything containing carrots or squash)

The introduction of all of these foods went well as it usually does. I stated last time that I thought he had a food allergy to carrots and squash. I should have stated that he probably has an intolerance to them, not an allergy. The reaction is not severe enough to qualify as an allergy at this point. Nonetheless, we are still avoiding them! He appears to like the addition of fruits to his diet. We started doing oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast/lunch and rice or mixed grain cereal and a veggie for dinner. I had added a 3rd meal in at one point, but this decreased his nursing too much, so I have since deleted that meal to encourage him to nurse better. We want to keep it up for at least a year to be sure he gets the best nutrition and immunities possible! He is still my good little eater and it’s so cute to watch him eat. He’s like a baby bird, sitting there, mouth wide open, waiting for momma to shovel the food in! I need to get a video. J

New accomplishments this month:

  • He placed 2nd in a baby crawling contest held at the Fredericktown Tomato Show at the beginning of September
  • Sits up by himself all the time now
  • Pulls himself up on stationary objects, like the couches or coffee table
  • Stands unassisted briefly (before face planting, haha)
  • Got his first tooth on Sept. 21st (it has since broke the surface completely and is growing in!)
  • Started crawling correctly on Sept. 27th
  • Started walking around holding onto the furniture on Oct. 1st

So, we don’t want to brag, but Ethan was actually too young to enter the crawling contest. It was supposed to be for 7 to 8 month-olds (the division he was in), but they let him enter at just over 6 months. And he did great! Granted he did his inch worm routine (see the video below), it worked and he crossed the line second! He was definitely more interested in the other kids and parents than his momma, haha, oh well!

We are definitely glad that we have baby-proofed the house now. The little man is all over the place and in record time! He has figured out how to stand up on objects, but the getting down part is not so easy, so he usually just lets himself fall over, which usually results in a nice face plant to the ground. It’s pretty funny, I must admit, but luckily it doesn’t bother him! haha

So we have now experienced the joys of teething. I must admit, I think he handled this first one pretty well and with a better disposition than most. I guess we are lucky to have such a good-natured (most of the time) child! Someone upstairs is looking out for me! J

Below is a pic of Ethan at seven months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. This is still not an easy task by any means, even with two of us trying to get a pic of him! I have decided he is just an ornery booger, haha. J

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Big so Fast!

So there are many exciting things happening in Ethan's life these past couple of weeks. Just a couple weeks ago, he started sitting up with no problems by himself, on a regular basis, at just 6 months. Then, just a week later, he started pulling himself up to standing on objects around the house (besides me). :) As you can see by the video below, he is really good at standing up, but is unsure what to do after that, haha. He usually just stands there for awhile, then falls down. Oh well, he's still young!

Also on Monday, he finally had a tooth break through!! We have been thinking for months that it was going to happen any day, and now that day has finally come, and I am wishing it hadn't! haha....He has definitely been cranky and has started waking at night because of it too, I think. Just hoping they come in quick and we get through this without too much pain (me and him both!) haha

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Six Months Old!

Ethan turned six months old two weeks ago. I am getting behind here! I am going to try to keep up better and also post more often! Since last month, the skinny little guy is still keeping his slim figure (haha), and has gained only a half-pound to weigh in at 16 lbs, 6 ozs, which is down to the 25th-5oth percentile again. He grew 3/4 of an inch to measure up at 27.75 inches this month, which is still in the 90th percentile. He is still only in the 3rd-10th percentile for height to weight ratio. Head growth is again staying right on target at 44 cm, dead on the 50th percentile again. He had another round of vaccines at his 6-month checkup along with his flu shot for the season. He did SOOO great for getting 4 shots! He is mommy's brave little boy already! :) Next checkup due in December, at 9 months.

New foods tried this month:

  • Squash
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Applesauce

The introduction of all of these foods went well, however, we have discovered that he probably has an allergy to carrots and possibly squash as well. He likes to puke them back up. :) So….we are just going to go ahead and leave those out from now on! He eats the green ones, so we’re doing ok, haha.

New accomplishments this month:

  • Sitting up on the floor (usually leaning to one side though, supporting himself with one hand)
  • Pulling himself up from his belly to a standing position using only my hands (he does all the work, I just help him balance)
  • Responding to “no” and “Ethan” (he acknowledges that he shouldn’t be getting into something by stopping what he’s doing and looking at me, grinning a little ornery grin, then going right back to it! hahaha – he’s a booger!)

Below is a pic of Ethan at six months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. So this is getting much harder, as every time I set the boy down, he immediately flips over and starts crawling away from me! :) So, I take what I can get! This month he is cracking himself up! Probably because he is proud of getting away from his mama! haha….Is it possible that he is getting cuter by the day? ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pic of the Week Contest

So I enter these contests on thebump.com/facebook with pics of little Ethan, and this week we made runners-up!! Yay! Check it out here!! The contest was for pics of babies with their pets, so I sent in a pic of Ethan at 2 wks old with his big sis, Daisy, laying on our bed cuddling! :) Too cute!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Five Months Old!

Ethan turned five months old last week. Where does the time go?!? Since last month, the skinny little guy is finally packing on some pounds, and has gained a pound and a half to weigh in right at 16 lbs, which is right on the 50th percentile, making him normal (if you can call someone in our family that, haha). His height growth has slowed, just growing a 1/2 inch to measure up at 27 inches this month, which is still in the 90th percentile. He is still only in the 3rd-10th percentile for height to weight ratio, but that number is increasing! Head growth is staying right on target at 43 cm, dead on the 50th percentile again.

New foods tried this month:
  • Green beans
  • Oatmeal cereal
  • Sweet peas

The green beans was pretty much a disaster. He behaved as though we were torturing him in some way, which isn't completely surprising considering his mommy's hatred of all things green when she was little. The oatmeal cereal went very well (just like the rice), which we figured it would based on his love of rice cereal. The sweet peas went surprisingly well after the teary fits that the beans caused! Next up, another try at the beans, then on to carrots!

New accomplishments this month:
  • Sitting up forward in the high chair to eat (he is very eager and gets his little mouth open wide like a baby bird in anticipation - he knows what is coming as soon as he gets put in the chair!)
  • "Scootching" all over the floor and crib (and starting to get into mommy and daddy's things! I think it may be time to get that baby gate installed at the top of the stairs!)
  • Getting up on hands and knees (but no forward movement with this, yet)
  • Putting the pacifier back in himself (and he always puts it in upside down, so hopefully that means he won't be OCD like his mommy! :) haha)
  • Sleeping on his tummy most of the time now
  • Laughing - and not just little giggles, actual hardy laughing (he's ticklish!)

Below is a pic of Ethan at five months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. I still don't see a big change from the last month (which being around him 24/7, I guess I probably won't notice any!), but at least I caught a great smile this month! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tall and Skinny Four Month Old!

Ethan turned four months old last week. Another month gone by so quickly! Since last month, he has gained 1 lb, 2.5 ozs, to weigh in at 14 lbs, 8.5 ozs, which is in the 25th-50th percentile, so he is getting skinnier. He grew an additional inch and a half from his previous length of 25 inches, to a length of 26.5 inches now, which is in the 90th-97th percentile, so he is getting even taller! On a height to weight ratio chart, he is actually in only the 3rd percentile for his age, so he really is super tall and skinny! His head circumference has also increased to 42 cm, which is in the 50th percentile.

Since last month, he has mastered rolling over! He now rolls both ways with ease and mommy has to be careful where she sits him down!! He usually rolls within seconds of being placed on his back!
:) We recently purchased him a bumbo and he loves sitting in it and watching the world! It won't be long before he can sit-up by himself! He also discovered his squealing voice this month, haha. It is super cute except for when he gets angry, then it is super loud!! :( He has gotten very good at playing with his toys now and has figured out how to pull his paci out by himself. He can almost get it back in by himself too, luckily. :) We got out the jumperoo for him to try out since he has had good head control for awhile now. He loves it and jumps around with squeals of delight! Be sure to check out the video we posted of him playing in his jumperoo! :) He is usually happiest when he is standing (with our help holding his hands, of course). At his doctor's appointment this month, Dr. Kemi was amazed by his attentiveness, and said he is exceeding the developmental milestones of his age! We knew he was advanced, haha. :)

We also began our adventures in feeding with the introduction of rice cereal on the 4th of July. He did great with it and it didn't take long for him to figure out how to swallow it, instead of pushing it back out with his tongue. :) He has been quite the good little eater this past week! Check out the video of his very first experience with rice cereal! We will probably be starting stage 1 foods soon, as Dr. Kemi gave the go ahead! So many changes happening so quickly now. We need to remember to savor these moments because it won't be long before he is all grown up!

Below is a pic of Ethan at four months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. Once again, he hasn't changed quite as much this past month, but is still getting cuter by the day! ;)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updated Pics and Videos!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for a couple newly added videos! :)

Kristy has also updated her facebook picture albums...click here for the latest Ethan album.

Lots of exciting things happening in the coming weeks:
  • Ethan will be 4 months old already on Friday!
  • We will be starting him on rice cereal this weekend!! :)
  • 4th of July fireworks on the lake (hopefully)
  • Kristy's 28th birthday on the 8th
  • Ethan's 4-month check-up on the 9th

Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to Ohio and Kentucky

So I realized that we have been back from our 3-week long trip for a couple weeks now and we had not yet blogged about it. So, here we go.....

Josh had to go to Germany for 3 weeks for work, so Kristy decided to stay with family while he was away, since it was such a long trip. So, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we began our trek north. Our first stop was Georgetown, KY, where we most recently lived. We wanted to catch up with some friends there. So, we stayed with Greg and Lisa Brown, co-workers of Josh's at Toyota, on Saturday night. It was a fun time and we even took the boat out on their lake on Sunday, which was a first for both Ethan and Daisy! :) 

Early Sunday evening, we headed about an hour up the road to Cincinnati. This time we stopped to visit Josh's brother, Aaron, and his daughter, Braelynn, at their house on the east side. We spent the evening catching up with them. On Monday, we got up and made our way to another friend's house in Cincy - Jeff and Amanda Balster. Jeff is Josh's fraternity brother and roommate from freshman year at UC. We caught up with them and then decided to make a trip downtown to Taste of Cincinnati! It was delicious as usual and we had a great time, until it started pouring down rain on us. :( We were able to fill our bellies first with some super tasty food, and also catch up with a couple of Kristy's classmates from UC - Liz Ebbeler and Cindy (Klinefelter) Busse.

After that we began the trek north again, to Kristy's parents' house, in Fredericktown. Josh's flight left Tuesday at 12:30 pm, so, then it was Kristy, Ethan and Daisy for the duration. We spent the first week in Fredericktown and Ethan had the opportunity to meet many relatives - Deb & Steve, Ed, Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Irene, Lori & Vanessa, Great-Grandma Hannan-Zehner, and Steve & Becky.

The following week, Kristy's sister, Katie, was scheduled to go to the hospital to be induced on the 2nd. So, that Tuesday we made the trip southwest, to her house in Huber Heights. There we stayed with Jacob, Ethan's cousin, while Katie and her husband, Mike, went to the hospital. Little Rachel Aimee was born on the 3rd! We then spent the rest of that week and the following week at Katie's house, helping out and letting the cousins "play." Ethan and Jacob did love watching Shrek together as Jacob sat with his arm around Ethan - too cute! He loved spending time with "his babies," as he put it. :)

On that Friday, Josh's flight was scheduled to arrive around 4:30 pm, so we packed up and headed to the Columbus airport to pick him up. It was great to have him back in the states again!! He had a nice trip and was able to meet up with his brother, Jared, the two weekends that he was there and do lots of sightseeing in Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium! They had a great time together. For pics from his trip, check out his facebook page. From the airport, we headed south to Josh's parents' house in Wheelersburg. We spent the rest of the weekend there, where Ethan had the chance to meet his Memaw Sparks and Great Aunt Sharon. He also spent more time with cousin Braelynn and Uncle Aaron.

On Monday morning we woke up and packed the 4-runner up one final time! It was time to head home! :) It was a nice trip and we had the chance to see a lot of friends and family, but we had been away for quite a while, and it was great to get back home that evening!!

For pics from the trip, be sure to check out Kristy's album on facebook!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Months Old!

Ethan turned three months old last week. It is hard to believe - they really do grow up too fast! It seems like ages ago that I gave birth, yet I still don't know how three months have past already either. Since last month, he has gained about 11 ozs, to weigh in at around 13 lbs, 6 ozs, which is in the 50th-75th percentile. He grew an additional two inches from his previous length of 23 inches, to a length of 25 inches now, which is in the 75th-90th percentile. Such a tall boy now! :) And I am pretty sure he is currently in a growth spurt, as all he wants to do is eat and sleep, even more than usual, haha. :) As I type, he just passed out during tummy time, which NEVER happens and he took a 1.5+ hour nap today, which also never happens anymore! His head circumference has also increased to 41 cm, which is also in the 50th percentile. This month he received a special surprise on his 3-month birthday - a new cousin! Rachel Aimee was born June 3rd at 9:46 am to my sister, Katie, and her husband, Mike. She was 8 lbs, 1.6 ozs and 20.75" long.

It's amazing what a month can bring for an infant. He now flashes hundreds of smiles a day and just last week had his first true laugh while I was changing him to get ready for bed. He has been able to roll from his stomach to his back for over a month now, but is still working on going from his back to his stomach. He did it once last week (which unfortunately everyone missed - we only know he did it because he was on his back, and then next time we looked he was on his tummy!), but has yet to make it happen again. He easily gets on to his side both ways, but then stops there. :( He is soooo close! I think he is just waiting for his daddy to get home from Germany. :) He loves looking into the mirror, staring at the cute boy he sees. :) He is constantly drooling and he has also discovered his hands and fingers, and LOVES chewing on them. It will definitely not be long before those teeth pop in!

Below is a pic of Ethan at three months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. He hasn't changed quite as much this past month, but is still getting cuter by the day! ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

So Kristy celebrated her first Mother's Day as a mom this year and she must admit that until now, she could not truly appreciate the job of a mother. Because of this, she wants to say a BIG thank you to her mom and let her know how much she loves her and thanks her for being such a great mom! She can only hope that her son will someday appreciate her as much as she now appreciates her mom.

Josh surprised Kristy for Mother's Day this year with a beautiful pot of flowers and some yummy donuts from a local donut shop. They later spent some time at the lake and hung out with Josh's parents and brother, Jared, who were there visiting for the weekend.

Kristy is currently a stay-at-home mommy, which is not an easy job somedays. She can't imagine how hard it would be having a job outside the home on top of her job as a mommy. Thankfully, for now, she can enjoy being a mommy and return to the working world when she and Ethan are ready!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ethan's Two Month Check-Up

I took Ethan for his two month check-up today in Newnan. He is still doing great! Since last month, he has gained 1 lb, 15 ozs, to weigh in at an impressive 12 lbs, 11 ozs, which is still in the 75th percentile. He grew an additional inch from his previous length of 22 inches, to a length of 23 inches now, which is in the 50th percentile. His head circumference has also increased to 40 cm, which is also in the 50th percentile. 

He received his first round of vaccinations, 3 shots and 1 that was taken orally. The first shot was a combination of the DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis), Polio, and Influenzae Type b (Hib), the second was for Hepatitis B, and the third was a Pneumococcal conjugate. The oral vaccine was for rotavirus. He did fantastic! He only cried for a minute and then mommy was able to get him calmed back down. After eating his lunch he was fast asleep again for the trip home! :) Everything else looked and sounded good, so we will be back in two months for his 4-month check-up!

Below is a pic of Ethan at two months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. Amazing how much he has changed in just a month! Getting cuter by the day! ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009


So, Ethan has had some great developments in the sleeping department. He graduated to his own bed at 8 weeks old. He had been sleeping in our room in his pack 'n play, but he is now sleeping in his crib in the nursery! :)

We have also been incredibly fortunate that he is sleeping all night long already! We usually put him down by 10:30 pm and he has been sleeping consistently until at least 7 am, sometimes until 9 am! :) This has been great for Josh and I! We are just hoping he can keep it up! ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip to the Lake

This past weekend, Grandpa and Grandma Frank, Aunt Katie, Uncle Mike and Cousin Jacob came to visit. We had a wonderful time catching up and giving Jacob and Ethan a chance to get to know each other better. Ethan isn't quite ready for playtime yet with his cousin, but he did enjoy spending time with him, as you can see in the picture. :)

Grandma Frank was excited to get to spend the weekend with both of her grandchildren and even had the opportunity to babysit them (along with help from Katie and Mike) Friday night while Josh and Kristy had their first "date night" since having Ethan. They enjoyed a lovely evening and dinner on the patio at the Southern Harbour Cafe located on West Point Lake. If you ever have the chance to visit, you must try their spicy cajun BBQ shrimp - incredible!!

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to make another trip back to the lake, but everyone came along this time - even Daisy! :) It was a gorgeous 88-degree, breezy, sunny afternoon. We enjoyed the day playing on the playground (sand and all), swinging, feeding the geese (plus their babies!) and hanging out at a picnic shelter. It was a wonderful way to enjoy the great weather. We rounded out the evening with a yummy dinner of grilled steak and chicken kabobs and homemade strawberry shortcake! :)

Sunday morning came and everyone left to go back to Ohio. It was a great visit and we hope to do it again soon! Visit Kristy's facebook page for pics from the weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Picture Album

I have added another album on facebook with recent pictures. You can access it by clicking here. Also check out a couple videos we have posted here. I will try to get more posted soon! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ethan's One Month Check-Up

I took Ethan for his one month check-up yesterday in Newnan. He is doing great according to his pediatrician, Dr. Kemi! Since birth, he has gained 2 lbs, 5 ozs, to weigh in at an impressive 10 lbs, 12 ozs, which is in the 75th percentile. He grew 2 inches from his birth length of 20 inches, to a length of 22 inches now, which is in the 50-75th percentile. His head circumference has also increased to 39 1/2 cm, so he is in the 75th percentile for this as well! Everything else looked and sounded good, so now we go back in another month when he will get his first round of shots! :(

Below is a pic of Ethan at one month, wearing a 12-month onesie. I will be taking a pic each month is this onesie to show how much he grows each month! By the looks of the way it is fitting at just one month, we may be lucky to get him in it at 12 months!! haha :)


I have posted more pics of Ethan on my facebook page. Click here for the first album and here for the second! :) If you want to check out pics from my pregnancy, click here.

I also have an album with pics of our new house in Georgia, which can be found by clicking here. And a second album can be found here. I will be posting updated pics here as we finish painting and decorating! :)

And if that isn't enough pics to look at, you can check out some great ones from our most recent vacation to the Caribbean, by clicking here! :)

I will try to keep the blog updated with links everytime I add a new album. For easier access to our pics, add me as a friend on facebook!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Welcome to the Seeley Family blog! We will be using this blog to keep family and friends updated with our day-to-day lives since we live far away now and don't get to visit as often as we used to.

As you know, our family started on July 16, 2005 when Josh and I got married at the Christ Baptist Church in Cold Spring, Kentucky. A week after we returned from our honeymoon in St. Thomas, USVI, we moved to Georgetown, KY, where we lived in an apartment while our house was being built. In December 2005, we moved into our very first home together.

We expanded the family in March 2006 when we added Daisy Duke, a reverse brindle boxer. She was born February 2, 2006. She has been a joy to have and will always be considered our "firstborn child."

Most recently, we had our first human child, Ethan Paul Seeley. He was born March 3, 2009 at 12:05 pm. He weighed in at an impressive 8 lbs, 7.2 ozs and 20 inches long. After 35 hours of labor and 4 hours of active pushing, he finally arrived! He is now 5 weeks old and is doing great!