Monday, November 16, 2009

Eight Months Old

Ethan turned eight months old a couple weeks ago. I can’t seem to keep up here! Since last month, the little man gained over a pound to weigh in at around 18.5 lbs, which is still in the 25th percentile. He also grew about a half of an inch to measure up at 28.5 inches this month, which is down to the 75th percentile. He is up to the 25th percentile for height to weight ratio. Head growth is again staying right on target at 45 cm, dead on the 50th percentile again.

New foods tried this month:

  • Nada

Nothing exciting going on in the food department right now. Just sticking with the routine of oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast and rice or mixed grain cereal and a veggie for dinner.

New accomplishments this month:

  • First playdate with his new buddy, Aiden, on Oct. 8th
  • First doctor’s visit on Oct. 13th (for something besides a well checkup)
  • Climbed the stairs on Oct. 26th
  • Saying “ba, ba, ba”
  • Appearance of second tooth

So I found another mom in a nearby town with a son that is Ethan’s age. We have a lot in common (they also recently moved to GA) and we are looking forward to getting out of the house for playdates with them now! J

Ethan started what I thought was wheezing one day when he got excited or upset and after a few days of it, I began to worry, as most new mothers do, and set up an appointment to see his doctor. Turns out she thinks he had laryngomalacia, which is basically just swelling around the larynx, or the voicebox. It is apparently common in infants and they usually grow out of it. She gave him a steroid to use for three days and this appeared to get rid of it! So, I can’t complain seeing as this is the only problem he has had in all of his eight months, especially with all the illness going around right now!

He also has started to test his limits, haha! We were downstairs one day and he normally just crawls around, usually trying to get into Daisy’s food, but on this particular day, he began to climb the stairs! He was up to the third one before I caught him! He is a fast little booger! J

We are still waiting for those highly anticipated first words! Hoping it will be anytime now, but so far, he is just sticking to “ba, ba, ba.” Not sure that means anything or not. J You can tell he is trying to mimic what we are doing with our mouths to form a word, but he just doesn’t quite have it yet!

Ethan now has two teeth in. It has been a hard battle. It took awhile to cut the second one and we went for a whole month of Ethan waking at night. Hoping to break this habit soon!

Ethan celebrated his first Halloween. He dressed up as a dinosaur to match his big sister, Daisy. J They were super cute together, even though the day itself was kind of a bust. It was rainy, so the costume contests downtown on the square were cancelled and we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters at the house either! L Oh well. They still looked good!

Below is a pic of Ethan at eight months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. Still my little cutie pie with his funny faces! J