Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Wednesday One: Week 34

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School!

It's the beginning of August and I have both of my big boys back to school now!!


Ethan started kindergarten (!!!!) back in July at a nearby year-round "school of choice." It's a math and science signature school - perfect for our little future engineer! We were extremely lucky that he was picked in the lottery for one of just 18 slots (from a field of ~300+ applicants). He has been loving his classes, which makes us happy, too! It's been an adjustment for all of us moving their schedule and going all day without a nap for him (as you can see in the pic below - some days he needs to catch some winks on the drive home)! ;) It's definitely a commitment with the commute to school, but it hasn't been too bad. Before the other schools were back in session, it was a pretty easy drive. With the increased traffic now, we've had to take an alternate back-roads route which has added some time to the commute, but it's a 25+ minutes well-spent.
Ethan has been busy at school learning all kinds of new things already, including Chinese (!!!), all about the 5 senses, handwriting, reading/recognizing and spelling words, working on the computers, about being responsible and respectful, and the pledge of allegiance... :)

He also really likes Fridays. He gets to do his "show and tell" every week on Fridays, along with buy an ice cream treat in the cafeteria. ;) He's always sure to remind me when it's Friday, so I remember to put his money in his lunchbox! LOL! It should be a fun year of school for him and we're excited to see how much he'll learn and grow this year as a kindergartener! We've already attended his open house where we were able to meet all of his teachers and see some of what he's been doing already this year!

Kindergarten open house (showing us his handwriting book, picture he painted, bulletin board pic of him working on engineering project, pic with the school sign, and his pictionary book)

Noah started preschool on Thursday. This is his 2nd year going to a local church preschool program for two days/week. He had a good time last year and was very excited to be returning this year. :) This year the school is offering extended care, during which time they can take a nap, have a snack and play a little longer with their friends. We decided to do this since it would work better with our new schedule this year. Instead of being done at 1:30 like last year, he'll stay until 3:30 pm. Since I have to pick Ethan up at 3, I didn't want to have to try to kill 1.5 hours with Amos and (most likely) a very tired Noah. This also allows Amos to get a full nap at the house, too, instead of needing to wake him up early to be able to pick Noah up! So, I'd call that a win-win-win! :) So, Noah is supposed to take his nap at school, which unfortunately didn't happen his first day, as he passed out nearly immediately in the car. Haha! Hopefully this week he will nap without a problem, once he gets used to it all.

He has grown so much since last year, when he still clung to me, and didn't always want to leave the van in the morning. This year, he's ready to play, and has no problems leaving me! :/ It's crazy how fast they grow up and are ready to go out into the world!! Sigh. I hope he'll be able to make some good friends this year and enjoy his time playing with other kids his age. The downside to having an older brother is that he is normally taking orders from Ethan all the time at home, so I hope he'll get a chance to do some of the leading at school for a change! ;)

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any directions you choose." -- Dr. Seuss

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amos is Eleven Months Old!

Age of Baby: 11 months

Size of Baby:
  • Weight: 18 lbs 3 oz (up to the 4th percentile), +13 oz from last month
  • Length: 29 inches (up to the 41st percentile), +1 inch from last month
  • Head circumference: not measured
  • Height-to-Weight ratio: down to the 3rd-10th percentile
Amos is still wearing a size 3 diaper and mostly 9-12 month, or 12-month, clothes. He still wears a size 3 shoe.


None this month.

Doctor's Visit Summary:

No visit this month.

Picture of Baby:

Here is Amos's 11-month picture in the 12-month onesie. I can't believe he will be turning one next month. Seriously, where did this past year go?!?

And here is a comparison of all three of the boys at eleven months, just for fun. Ethan and Noah were still bigger at this point (Ethan was 29 inches long and weighed 19 lbs 8 oz and Noah was 29.5 inches long and weighed 19 lbs 6 oz), but Amos is definitely gaining on them now.

Ethan, Noah, and Amos (each at 11 months)

Accomplishments this Month:
  • Walking!!
  • Waving
  • First road trip with Mommy
  • Ordered his first kid's meal
Our little man has recently taken his first steps!! He finally got brave enough to let go and keep moving instead of just standing. He's quickly picking it up and it won't be long before he's a pro!

I swear he must still be teething, as I can't keep anything out of that boy's mouth!! As you can see, plastic containers aren't safe. Neither are door hinges, cabinet handles, fireplace doors, phone chargers, Legos, cars, the smallest toys he can find, etc. Seriously. There is nothing that boy won't try to chew on! :/ I currently promote heavy usage of the paci, mainly to discourage other items from making their way into his mouth!! Sigh.

Amos has started to wave back when people wave at him. He's always smiling and flirting whenever we are out. The boy loves an audience! And wow, does he look like quite the big boy standing up there next to Noah!! :'/ Even though this is the 3rd time we've been through this stage, it still never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow and change!

Amos was a great little traveler last month when I made a trip to Ohio to see my mom after her heart surgery. The big boys stayed home with Daddy (and had lots of fun of their own!), but Amos had to come with me. Thankfully, he was a better-than-usual sleeper for the car rides and at night, while we were there! While there, I ordered him his first meal all to himself, too! We normally share from our plate, or from his big brothers, so this was new for him. And for the record, he ate his entire pancake. ;)

New Foods tried this Month:
  • Fish
  • Okra
Amos has settled into an eating routine now. For breakfast, he eats Cheerios, and sometimes a banana. For lunch, he has some peas and corn, a couple slices of turkey, 1/2 slice of bread and 1/2 slice of cheese. For dinner, he eats whatever we are eating, and lots of it! I've also continued to nurse him every 3-4 hours during the day (around 7:15 am, 10:45 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm, and at some point during the night) for around 5-10 minutes.

Amos had yet another rough month in the sleep department. He slept through the night just 3 nights during the past 30 days. Sigh. Fortunately, he is at least averaging around 12.5 hours of sleep a day (10.5 hours at night and 2 hours during the day). He is now going to bed around 8 pm, and sleeping until between 7 and 7:30 am. He has started taking his nap in the morning again. Due to the earlier wakeup (everyone's schedule has been adjusted due to Ethan starting kindergarten in July!), he is ready to nap earlier than he had been. So, he usually naps from around 11 am until 1 or 2 pm. He is normally very ready for bed at his earlier bedtime now as a result!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Noah's Firetruck Birthday Party

Now that I've updated you about Noah's 3rd year, it's time to talk about the party!! When I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday party theme this year, he told me he wanted firetrucks. Well, firetrucks and Darth Vader, so we settled for firetrucks. ;) So, away I went planning an adorable red, yellow and aqua firetruck-themed party for my little guy. First on the agenda, the invitations. I love including photos of the birthday boy on the invites, so I thought, what better way to do this than to have Noah driving the truck?! :)

I was so happy with how they turned out! I wanted to create a more vintage-inspired design for the truck itself, and I like how this one came together. It had to have a dog, because well, my boys love dogs! Instead of printing on the back of them, I decided to mount them on red card stock. As a plain white invite, I thought they might look nice with a bit more color around them, as well as how sturdy they become with the added layer. I also wanted the water from the hose to stand out more, so I hand-painted the aqua water splashes with aqua (on the lighter color) and clear (on the darker color) acrylic paint on each invite. It gave it a nice texture as well.

After the invitations were mailed, I started brainstorming (aka, browsing Pinterest) ideas for the party. To decorate the house, I bought some red, goldenrod yellow and aqua latex balloons (inflated with helium and hi-float) at the local party supply store. For this party, I also bought a silver "3" and a generic firetruck balloon. I made a custom banner that read "Happy 3rd Birthday Noah" using the same firetruck/color theme.

Here's an example of the banner letters, close-up. I used dark gray yarn to string together the pendants. It worked well and looked great!

For the party favors, I bought plain white paper bags with handles (from Michaels) and added personalized tags with each child's name and picture to them. Inside the bags, I added a firetruck coloring book and red firetruck crayons that I made (I bought this chocolate mold and these red crayons, melted the crayons down, poured them in the mold, and voila, red firetruck crayons!). For a themed "snack" I bought individually wrapped white Lifesavers and packaged those in clear, plastic bags and topped them with favor tags (reading "Thanks for coming! You're a real LIFESAVER!"). To help decorate the room, I set the bags on our bookshelves and tied a balloon to each one, and set a firetruck hat on top of each bag. I personalized these for each child as well with their names, along with personalized fire chief stickers that they could wear. I also set out a jar of the Lifesaver mints for all of the party guests. :)

This year, I made a cake and cupcakes for the party. I didn't want to attempt any elaborate decorating of the cupcakes on the day of the party, so I made cupcake toppers (coordinating with the banner and invite elements) to stick in the simple, white-frosted, vanilla cupcakes that I baked that morning. I purchased these cute white cupcake liners from Michaels. For the cake, I made my favorite vanilla sheet cake recipe in two 8" round pans. I tried a new recipe for an icing that I found here. To decorate the cake, I used Wilton's color flow icing to trace the firetruck to place on top. It wasn't perfect, but it worked. ;) All of the plates, bowls, napkins and utensils were purchased at our local party store.

I found a recipe for a gorgeous golden yellow punch here. I roughly followed it, using 1.5 large (46 oz) cans of pineapple juice, a 2 liter bottle of Sprite, 2 cups of Country Time lemonade mix and 2 cups of cold water. I topped it with some slices of lemon as garnish. The flavor was delicious and the color was perfect! For those who didn't want punch, I also provided bottles of water personalized with labels I made. I bought the cute, 3-gallon drink dispenser at Walmart last summer. I had the aqua straws leftover from his party last year, and added some red ones that I found at Michaels.

For the dinner menu, I chose:
  • HOT dogs (100% all-beef hot dogs)
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches (pulled pork tenderloin with Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce)
  • SMOKEHOUSE baked beans
  • RAGIN' CAJUN macaroni (macaroni pasta with a Cajun-seasoned cream sauce)
  • FIERY fruit (strawberries, oranges, pineapple)
  • MATCHSTICK carrots (carrots with ranch dressing)
  • FLAMING Jell-o (layers of raspberry, mango and lemon)
  • BLAZING cheese dip (jalapeño queso with blue and yellow corn chips)
  • SMOKIN' s'more pops (marshmallows coated in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs)
I wanted the food to go with the party theme, which is why I chose what I did. Thanks to my mom, dad, and sister for helping me get all of the food ready, as usual! I also did a small ice cream topping bar to top the homemade vanilla ice cream that my dad makes. Sooooo good!!

Here are some pics of the birthday boy enjoying his day!! :) His firetruck outfit (how lucky I was to find it in coordinating colors, too!) was purchased at Kohl's.

The final item to take care of was the thank you notes. I started with a flat 4" x 6" card, but decided to go with a folded 3.5" x 5" card instead. Plenty of room for a sweet thank you for friends and family!

I wanted to try something new for address labels, so I made a "wrapped label" that puts the return address on the back, and the mailing address on the front. They're cute and fun! :)

Because who doesn't love getting something sweet in the mail instead of bills? ;) It was an adorable, fun party for a little guy who loves firetrucks!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our tiny man!

All items you see above are available for customization and purchase through my business page, kreations by kristy. You can also find me on Facebook and Etsy.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiny Man is Three!

Noah may still be tiny, but he's quite the grown up little guy now. We celebrated his third birthday this year with a firetruck-themed party (more about that soon!) for friends and family on Saturday, and on Monday, he officially turned 3!

Here's a fun look back at each of his birthdays! His Hungry Caterpillar party for his 1st birthday, his fish party for his 2nd birthday, and now 3! Wow. He's grown so much, but he still has that sweet little face, gorgeous blond locks, and beautiful blue eyes!

On Monday, I took Noah to his pediatrician for his 3-year well-check. Everything went great and he appears to be right on track with his peers. He actually was able to complete all but one item on the developmental milestones checklist (which went up to age 4), so that's good! He weighed in at 29 pounds (up 4 pounds, 6 ounces from his 2-year check, and 1.5 pounds from his 2.5-year check), and measured up at 38 3/4 inches (up 4.5 inches from his 2-year check, and 1.75 inches from his 2.5-year check). This puts him right at the 80th percentile for height and 24th percentile for weight. Looking at both figures, he's down to below the 3rd percentile for height-to-weight ratio, with a BMI of just 13.5! He was up-to-date with all of his vaccinations, so no shots for that visit. Yay!

Noah still sleeps around 10-11 hours a night and is still taking one nap a day, anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, in the afternoon. We've recently moved the boys' schedule a bit with Ethan starting kindergarten last week. He shares a room with big brother, Ethan, and it works well, as they enjoy talking and laughing in their beds (when they should be sleeping!! Haha!). They now go to bed no later than 9, but preferably by 8 pm. Wake-up time is between 6:45 and 7 am on school days! Before school started, they were going to bed between 9 and 10 pm and sleeping until 8 am normally.

Noah still has a pretty good appetite and is willing to at least sample most foods. He'd live on pasta and dessert alone, if we'd let him. How in the world does he stay so skinny?!? Pancakes and ice cream are two of his favorites. Pizza is another one he can normally tear through quickly. He always has room in his tummy for those! ;)

Highlights of the past year:
  • Teeth 17-20 made their appearance
  • Moved to a big boy bed
  • First movie in the theater
  • Became a big brother
  • First putt-putt golf game, minor league baseball game & bowling experiences
  • First barbershop haircut
  • First sled ride in the snow
  • Completed his first year of preschool
I don't really remember the rest of the teething process being bad for Noah. I think I remember at some point thinking he was a little crankier than normal, then realizing later that he was getting his molars in. So thankful he made that easy!

Not long after his 2nd birthday, the boys moved into a room together, to get the nursery ready for Amos's arrival. They love sharing the bunk beds and the move went very well. He still doesn't like to get out of bed himself when he wakes up, so he calls for me to come get him. :) Last summer we also went to the theater for the first time so that the boys could see Disney's Planes. It actually went much better than I expected, and it's something we need to do again soon!

I wasn't sure how Noah would do with the arrival of little brother, Amos, but he actually loved him from the beginning. Giving him kisses 24/7 on his head and wanting to hug and hold him was a much different reaction than Ethan had to Noah! Haha!

Now that he is getting bigger, we've been able to enjoy some fun things like putt-putt golf, baseball games and bowling! Noah seems so big, I think in part because he wants to do everything that big brother does. He can hold his own, and keeps up well, so it works!

Daddy used to give Noah his haircuts, but he has now started going to the barber like big brother. He looks so handsome, even though we're now cutting off those sweet curls he gets when his hair gets longer in the back. :'(

Other fun things Noah was able to experience this past year included his first sled ride down the hill in our backyard and his first year of preschool! He had a great year with his little buddies and is excited to go back this year!

Noah had another good year overall. Not long after his birthday, he lost his status as the baby, and became the middle brother. I think he took this kind of hard. That, paired with starting preschool twice a week and being away from me for the first time, made for a kind of rough time for him. I think he also struggled a bit with wanting to be more independent, but wanting the attention that comes with being more dependent. Fortunately, after a few months, he seemed to settle into his new position in the family and has been doing well since.

Noah adores his big brother, Ethan. He wants to do and say everything that he does. It's adorable. Fortunately, for now, Ethan doesn't seem to mind, and actually usually likes having a little guy that listens to him and does whatever he says! Haha! Noah also loves his little brother, Amos. He could give him hugs and kisses all day long. For real. He is always wanting me to take pics of him giving him hugs. He does a great job of playing with both of his brothers!

Noah's personality is really showing now. He can be quite the funny man like his big brother, and has no shortage of orneriness in him! He can also be quite the "cool" little guy, loving to listen and dance to rock music like his Daddy. He's also creative, like his Mommy, enjoying art. He likes putting together puzzles and playing Legos with Ethan.

We sure love our fun little middle!

Like I did last year on his birthday, I asked Noah some questions that I'm going to ask every year now, to see how his responses change over the years. Here they are, in case you can't read them in the picture:
  1. What is your favorite color? blue
  2. What is your favorite toy? Legos and dogs
  3. What is your favorite fruit? strawberries and oranges
  4. What is your favorite tv show/movie? Frozen
  5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? peanut butter and honey
  6. What is your favorite outfit? light blue shirt with excavator on it
  7. What is your favorite game? Hide and Seek
  8. What is your favorite snack? fruit snacks
  9. What is your favorite animal? giraffe
  10. What is your favorite song? Awesome God
  11. What is your favorite book? Little Pink Pup
  12. Who is your best friend? Ethan and Amos
  13. What is your favorite cereal? Frosted Mini Wheats
  14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play with chalk
  15. What is your favorite drink? water with ice and apple juice
  16. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween
  17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? dog
  18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? pumpkin pancakes
  19. What is your favorite dinner? mac 'n cheese, pork and squash
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Daddy, or Darth Vader
Noah continues to keep us on our toes, as his own little person. The twos were tougher with him than they were with Ethan, so I hope that trend doesn't continue with the threes! Haha! He amazes us daily with the things that he says and does and we look forward to what this year will bring with it. Happy 3rd birthday, Noah. We love you!
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