about us

Josh is employed at Eastman Chemical. He was promoted again this year to a group leader role back at the plant in Tennessee. He is a chemical engineer with a bachelor's degree from the University of Cincinnati (2005). He is also enrolled in grad school at the University of Tennessee and is pursuing an Industrial Engineering graduate degree, with an emphasis on Engineering Management.
hobbies: remodeling our house, enjoying time in the pool with the boys, reading, surfing the web, photography and most importantly, spending time with his wife and sons ;)

Kristy spends her days caring for the boys and Lego at home. In her spare time, she started her own business, kreations by kristy (designing custom invites, printables, planners, announcements, etc) to keep herself busy. As if kids aren't enough work, right? She hopes to utilize her bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Education (Athletic Training) again some day in the future, but with 3 little guys now, she expects to be quite busy at home for awhile!
hobbies: designing, photography, cooking & baking, blogging, crafting, spending time with her family

ethan paul
Ethan turned seven in March and spends his days playing, sleeping, eating, reading, and going to 2nd grade!
hobbies: swimming (he's a little fish now!), 
building numerous creations with his Legos (he's a Master Builder!), writing & reading, playing soccer, collecting Pokemon cards, and helping take care of his little brothers

noah john
He is growing up quickly!! Noah turned five in July and also spends his days eating, sleeping, playing, and going to preschool!
hobbies: he enjoys swimming, playing soccer, reading books with Mommy & Daddy, building amazing Lego masterpieces with Ethan, dancing and listening to music, and coloring beautiful pictures

amos james
Amos turned three in September and spends his days eating, sleeping, playing and pooping. Yep, he's a toddler. He started preschool this year and is loving playing with his new friends!
hobbies: he loves reading books with Mommy and Daddy, cuddling, playing with stealing Legos from his big brothers, playing soccer with his big brothers, swinging and sliding on the playground, and pool time

daisy duke
Daisy is now our sweet "angel dog." She turned eight in February 2014, but fell ill in April with gastrointestinal lymphoma. Despite trying chemotherapy treatments for her, the drugs weren't working, and her battle ended June 7th, 2014. You can read more about her here.
hobbies: she loved long walks on the beach, cuddling in bed, chasing her ball, squirrels, bunnies, and birds, playing soccer with Ethan and Daddy, and giving kisses to Noah and Amos

lego gray
So yeah, we're boxer people. We did not intend on adding to our family quite so soon, but we couldn't say no to this sweet girl. She was in need of a new home and after giving her a try, we decided to give her a forever home in September 2014. She is fitting right in loves living with our 3 crazy boys! She turned three in February, and still acts like a puppy most days, though she's maturing as her time lengthens with us.
hobbies: lounging on anything soft, getting belly rubs, giving hugs, going for rides in the van, eating ice cream treats, long walks in the neighborhood, and cuddling on the couch