the kairoses

This is a page for recording the kairoses...the special moments that I don't want to forget. Whether it is something funny, sweet, awesome or ornery that one of the kids did or said, I want to be able to remember it years from now. :)

03.19.13 - At breakfast this morning...Ethan: "Where is the sun?" Me: "I don't know, it's pretty cloudy right now, it may not come out today." Ethan: "But I want it to come out and be beautiful! With a blue sky!" Me: "Me too!" Ethan: "I want my booster seat back." (he recently decided he didn't want it anymore). Me: "Ok, we can find it before dinner tonight." Ethan: "It's more comfortable than this chair. This chair is not comfortable." Oh dear!

03.17.13 - Gorgeous weekend filled with family time and lots of outside play, enjoying the beautiful weather! Ethan rode the new bike we got him for his birthday for a long time! :)

03.12.13 - Despite how frustrating Ethan can sometimes be, he then manages to do something funny and/or cute to make me laugh again. This morning, he hopped up into my bed and said, "Look! I can do Gangham-style with my feet!" as he proceeded to lay there on his back, feet kicked up, crossed over each other and dancing away. Silly boy.

03.11.13 - So after waking Noah up this morning after 13+ hrs of sleep, he proceeded to nap for nearly 4 hrs this afternoon and I had to wake him up then, too, since it was 5:45. He has consumed 2 dinners now tonight as well. Growth spurt perhaps?? Wow!

03.03.13 - It's hard to believe that on this day, 4 years ago, I gave birth to our first son. Two new residences, one new job and a little brother much has changed! I love the sweet, intelligent, inquisitive little guy that he has become! Happy Birthday, Ethan!!

03.01.13 - Noah wanted milk in his cereal bowl today, like big brother. I love that when he was done, he lifted up the bowl to drink out the rest of the milk. :)

02.25.13 - Noah's turn to be funny man today...I went to get him after his nap, and it was apparent he had went potty in his diaper. I said, ""Ewwww, Noah!! Who stinkied?!?" Noah proceeds to check over both shoulders repeatedly, looking for the other little person who stinkied in his room. So I get him onto the changing table, and say again, "Ewwww, Noah! Who made that stinky?!?" Noah proceeds to point at the crib, at the invisible little boy who stunk up his room! He was quite convinced that it was not him! Hahaha!

02.19.13 - I'm not sure Ethan has totally grasped this baby #3 concept yet. The other day, he mentioned that he doesn't want to get rid of Noah, because "he's a little bit funny!" Hahaha! I guess he thinks we can only have 1 baby, which means Noah has to go when the new baby comes! LOL! And I especially love that Noah's saving grace is that he is funny enough for Ethan to want to keep him around. ;) I think Noah's sniffer rivals Daisy' I tried to hide in the corner and sneak some of my Reese's heart, he was out of his seat and came running as I unwrapped that chocolate peanut butter goodness. How the heck did he know?!? Little booger! Haha!

02.18.13 - I think I may have a picture-taking problem. Every time I pick up my phone to do something, Noah starts saying "cheese" over and over! Hahaha!

02.14.13 - Ethan: "You have a lot of emails. You need to get rid of those." Me: "I know. I'm trying." Ethan: "I want emails on my little iPad. Does that sound good?" Me: "And who do you think will email you?" Ethan: "Um, I think Daddy will!" :)

02.11.13 - Never again will I say that I wouldn't mind being sick for a day if it meant a complete break from the boys, holed up in my bed. This noravirus is no joke. Noah and I are down. Hoping Josh and Ethan can avoid it!

02.10.13 - Apparently, I was tired last night. I never even realized there was a little person in our bed until I got kicked in the head at 3 am. Awesome.

02.08.13 - Ethan wanted BBQ for his date with mommy tonight, so we're headed to Smokey Bones, which is to be followed by some toy shopping I think. Daddy and Noah are headed out on a date of their own! :) Had a fun evening with my big boy. Highlight of both our server's and my night had to be when she took our drink orders. I asked Ethan if he wanted milk or lemonade. His response? "Beer." Um, I'm pretty sure our poor waitress thought I was quite the mother until I explained that he actually meant the root variety. ;) Oh dear.

02.05.13 - Love is...sharing your last bite of Reese peanut butter heart with your toddler who caught you sneaking it behind the closet door. ;) Also, special thanks to Ethan today, who apparently set my iPad's timer yesterday while he was playing with it. That mystery 4 am buzzer was appreciated by all, son. :/ Note to self: Check timer before bed, as it still rings, despite the volume being muted!!

02.04.13 - When I'm tired, I like to lay down and pretend to be sick and ask my little doctors to fix me. They love it and I normally get a break! Unfortunately, it backfired on me today, as Noah kept coming at my eyes with the tweezers! Ouch!!

01.29.13 - Noah ran to get his shoes and put them on when we said it was time to take a walk! :)

01.17.13 - Noah really likes big brother's "iPad"! He likes saying "cheese" at it because he knows it takes pics. Haha!

01.16.13 - Why do I constantly find myself saying to Noah, "One bite at a time! You're a child, not a chipmunk!" :/ These boys are going to eat us out of the house before they're teenagers!!

01.10.13 - I don't know why, but it still makes me laugh every time. When I wipe Noah's nose, I tell him to "blow," and he does, only it's out the mouth, instead of the nose. It's so cute! :) Later that day, I apparently had not learned by now that a quiet child is a child doing something he shouldn't be doing. Found Noah in the next room eating tiny styrofoam balls from a package I had delivered this morning. I pulled a lot out of his mouth, so hopefully none actually made it to his tummy, since I have no idea if those are bad for you? He could have just told me he was ready to eat lunch...sigh.

01.09.13 - Noah is getting so good at buckling his booster seat! He buckles himself when he's in it, then likes to get more practice when he gets out. :)

01.08.13 - Whew! I've already fished the tiny one out of the toilet this morning and tried to explain to the big one where his poopy goes after he flushes it. Can I be done today? Haha!

01.05.13 - Positive pregnancy test!!! :)

12.30.12 - Noah is now sitting in a big boy booster at the table, using his big boy fork! :)

12.23.12 - Looks like the boys gave us their Christmas present a little early this year...Ethan slept in until 9:30 and Noah was STILL sleeping at 11!! It's so rare to wake up on our own now, instead of to the sound of a) an alarm, b) Ethan jumping into the bed, or c) Noah wailing for someone to rescue him from his crib. Refreshing! :) Later that day, Ethan loved helping us make Christmas cookies, especially putting the kisses on the blossoms, and being the official taste tester. ;)

12.21.12 - I think Christmas came early for a little boy here at our house. Waking up to the ground covered in snow made him soooooo excited!! He can't wait to go outside and play in it! :) I wish it would stay until Christmas! A conversation later: Ethan: Do you know the name of this Christmas song, Mommy? Me: (thinking for a minute) Sorry, Ethan, I don't know the name of this one. Ethan: That's ok, Mommy. Some people don't know things. Ouch!

12.19.12 - I thought it smelled very strongly of peppermint in the house. Then I realized that my twisted peppermint wallflower was missing from its spot. I went on the hunt, following the scent until I found it plugged into another outlet...upside down and leaking all of its contents on the floor. Hmm, I wonder which of the boys did that? In case you are wondering, a) it is important to keep those in an upright position, and b) I really want a candy cane now.

12.18.12 - Ethan sure knows how to work the system already. He asked me for more corn at dinner, then added, "I'm batting my eyes, Mommy," as he slowly blinked those loooong lashes. Um yeah, he's going to get anything he wants! ;) Now the boys are glued to The Polar Express while enjoying it from their pillow baskets. :)

12.13.12 - Tonight before bed, Noah was giving me and Josh hugs and kisses, then for the first time, he walked over to Ethan to give him one, without any prompting. My heart melted. Sweetest thing ever!

12.11.12 - Embarrassing. My 3-year-old just showed me how to solve the Rubix cube (Josh had put it 4 moves away from being solved) after taking it out of my hands and saying, "No, Mommy. Let me do it." LOL!

12.11.12 - A conversation at breakfast this morning...

Ethan: What does Rusty's sign say?
Me: 2 more weeks!!
Ethan: Until Christmas??
Me: Yep, so you better be good so Santa comes! You need to tell Rusty what you want for Christmas so he can tell Santa.
Ethan: But Rusty's not real, Mom.
Me: But he flies to the North Pole every night to talk to Santa.
Ethan: He can't fly, he doesn't have wings!
Me: Um, well, he has magic.

My 3-year-old is too smart! :/ Before we left for preschool, he also told me to, "hold on, I need to make my selections!" (what cars he wanted to take with him). LOL!

12.06.12 - On our way home from preschool, I told Siri, "Call my mother." Ethan chimed in from the backseat, "Call my daddy!" Haha! Later, after Noah woke up from his nap, he played for a bit, then he must have decided he needed his big brother. So up the stairs he went to wake him up. All of the sudden I heard him start banging the monitor on Ethan's door (like he does in the morning to wake him while I am knocking on the door). Ethan never moved an inch though. Hilarious!! 

12.05.12 - One time in the spring, Ethan got up on the couch and started jumping up and down to Super Why's theme song (Super readers to the rescue!!!). Every single time Noah has heard it since then, he stops what he is doing and climbs up on the couch to jump up and down. It's hilarious! I guess he thinks that is what he is supposed to do??

12.02.12 - Noah is determined to use utensils to feed himself now, even if that means using his fingers to put the food on the utensil, then into his mouth. ;)

11.21.12 - Got the Christmas tree set up and decorated. Funniest part was when Ethan looked down at his hands after putting on some glittery ornaments and said, "Mommy! I have preschool on my hands!" Haha! Hmm, can you tell where he gets to play with glitter? ;)

11.14.12 - Noah is lucky he is so sweet and cute! Fortunately, he made up for his yucky diaper by giving me 4 big kisses tonight. He's too cute when he runs to get his favorite book before bedtime, then lays down on the floor on his belly and waits for me to read it to him.

11.06.12 - We were in and out of our local polling location in under 10 minutes, right at 5 pm, with the children! Glad that we didn't need the snacks and entertainment we took with us, just in case. At 31, that was the first time I actually voted on Election Day, since I have done it via absentee vote every other time! Kind of exciting. :) Poor Ethan was distraught that he didn't get to see any "boats." I guess he kept hearing that instead of "votes." Poor guy. ;)

11.01.12 - Ethan did an awesome job today getting his flu shot. My tough little guy didn't make a peep when the nurse stuck him. We went to sit and wait and a couple older boys came in to get their shots, too. There were a lot of tears from them as their mother bribed them with promises of toys when they were done. On the way home, I told Ethan how proud I was of him for doing such a great job! He said, "I like shots." I said, "What?!? Why do you like them??" He replied, "Because they're easy. Those boys after me didn't like their shots. They cried." LOL!! Later, he started singing, "Days of the week! Days of the week!" I asked what that was and he replied, "My girlfriend's favorite." I said, "Favorite what?" He said, "Her favorite song." So I asked, "Which girlfriend?" He smiled and said, "Sofia." :) Later this afternoon, after his nap, he grabbed some M&M's from his Trick or Treat basket to eat, and I told him he had to share with me. ;) He said, "Ok. I can share because I am sweet." LOL! I never know what is going to come out of that boy's mouth next! I love it! :)

10.30.12 - Stopped in at Ethan's fall festival at preschool and he wanted to introduce me to all of his friends. First he took me to Asher and Junior, the boys he normally tells me he plays with there. Then he took me over to the table where Sofia was painting. He just stood there, so I asked, "Who is this?" He stayed silent, but the biggest, most ornery grin ever spread across his face! Haha! We're going to be in trouble with that boy! ;)

10.25.12 - I told Ethan that my neck was hurt. He asked me why. I said, "Because mommy is getting old and my body is falling apart." He replied, "Is your head falling off?" Haha! Fortunately, it's not, but that might actually feel better! Later, after getting a brownie for a snack, he told me that the brownie would probably make me feel better. I like the way that boy thinks! :)

10.23.12 - Ethan's latest obsession is calling everyone "ma'am" or "sir" when he is speaking to them. Every. single. time. It's super cute, even if it makes me feel like a 60-year-old! Haha! 

10.21.12 - The boys are fighting over who gets to use the vacuum. Guess what is going on the chore chart next? ;) 

10.16.12 - Noah helped unload the dishwasher! He even yanked a drawer open and tossed the clean spoon in! Hahaha! I guess I need to move the silverware down a drawer and we will be set! :)

10.11.12 - Me: "Ethan, can you show Noah how to go down the slide?" Ethan, as he points at the sky: "No, I'm showing him Orion's belt." Me: "Um, ok. It's light outside." I'll give him credit though, he pointed in the right direction!

10.09.12 - Ethan informed me this morning, as he grabbed his water bottle from the fridge (in lieu of a coffee travel mug), that he was "headed to work like Daddy. At Eastman." hehe. Noah ran to the couch when he heard the Super Why theme music, so that he could jump up and down on it like he has seen Ethan do. Oh dear.

10.08.12 - Fall break for Ethan this week and Noah finally had his fifth tooth break through recently! :)

10.03.12 - Ethan just told me that Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang" is his favorite song. Awesome. He is also really good at doing the "Gangnam Style" dance. Super awesome. Perhaps we'll have to relieve Daddy of his nightly DJ duties? Haha! Fortunately, he still likes Pat-a-Cake for now, too. :)

09.18.12 - Ethan came down to breakfast this morning and noticed that it was pouring outside. I commented that yes, it was a bummer it was raining so hard. He promptly informed me though that, "The flowers need rain to grow!" He's so smart! :)

09.14.12 - Can't believe Noah is 14 months old already today. He took his first walk through the neighborhood with us last night, instead of riding in the stroller or wagon. He did a great job keeping up with Ethan for 1/4 mile and he LOVED it! :) He's growing up too fast! :'(

09.09.12 - Josh just chopped off all of Noah's hair! :'( No more sweet curls (or mullet, which is good) and I swear he looks an entire year older now, which is a lot for an almost 14-month-old!!

09.06.12 - Ethan, on the way home from preschool today: "Sofia is my girlfriend. Can she come over and play?" Oh dear. Am I ready for this?

09.05.12 - The boys and I all sneeze when we go outside into the sun or when bright lights are turned on. This morning, Ethan turned on his light and started sneezing. He came out and said, "Too bright! The light made me 'bless you'!" :)

08.28.12 - I was informed today at pick-up that there is one adorable little blond-haired Sofia who is quite smitten with Ethan. He claims that he doesn't feel the same. He says he likes Mahoko, a cute little Japanese girl in his class. And so it begins...Haha!

08.25.12 - I don't know why, when it was quiet and I couldn't find Noah while trying to make breakfast, that my first thought wasn't, "Gee, I bet he's in bathroom, trying to dive head first into the toilet!!" Yeah, silly me. I need a cup of coffee before I can think clearly in the morning. ;)

08.24.12 - As I prepared dinner tonight, the boys were entertaining themselves and playing nicely together. Ethan was also gobbling up the raw bell peppers I was chopping. I was concerned someone had taken my children and replaced them with look-alike stand-ins! Haha!

08.21.12 - I guess I was worried for no reason that Ethan wouldn't smile for his pics at preschool. Apparently, he was quite the ham, according to the director, who informed me in the pick-up line that, "You're going to need to take out a loan to buy all of the cute pictures they took of your son this morning!" Haha! Always the funny man.

08.19.12 - And so it begins. Two weeks after the start of preschool and Ethan is sick already. Poor guy is miserable with a fever of 102.9. :(

08.14.12 - Day 2 of preschool went well! The director told me that Ethan is a very sweet boy. His teacher reported that he had some trouble with listening. Yep, sounds about right! Haha! When I asked him what he did today, he said, "Nothing. Take a chill pill." Oh dear. I thought he was 3, not 10?!? He must enjoy it, though, because his cars are "going to babyschool (aka preschool)" now, instead of the usual Walmart! ;) LOL! In the morning in the car, on the way to preschool, Ethan: "I need to tell me teacher something...that Daddy is making money!" What he actually means is that Daddy is at work. ;) Haha! That boy never ceases to crack me up!

08.12.12 - Noah is very proud of himself. He throws the ball for Daisy to fetch, then claps for himself for doing a good job! Haha! :) It's too cute!

08.09.12 - Ethan had his first day of preschool all by himself!! He didn't help the tears (mine, not his) by telling me he was going to miss me today. :'( He thought it would be funny to "fake sleep" when the aide came to the van to pick him up this morning. Oh dear.

08.04.12 - Excited to do Ethan's preschool shopping today! It's no secret that I love school supply shopping...probably more so than your average kid. ;) He is very excited about picking out his backpack and getting new shoes. He keeps measuring his foot (with an app I have) and telling me he is ready to go get them now. Haha!

08.03.12 - Sigh. Finally putting away a bag of personal items we picked up the other day while we were out and realized that Ethan must have thrown some deodorant in the cart for me. I didn't catch it while checking out since he also put everything on the counter for me. I guess I will be smelling like freshwater orchid for the next month or so. Awesome. haha! Not my normal one, but at least he chose Secret. :) Lesson learned. Never a dull moment with that one!

08.02.12 - Ethan makes a great 'lil momma. He is always concerned for Noah's safety. He noted this morning that Noah's banana was too big, that I needed to make it into smaller pieces. He pulls him off the kitchen stool and carries him into the living room. He also follows him around and puts the outlet protectors back in after Noah pulls them out. Too funny and cute! :) And this morning, for the first time ever, he got out of bed by himself and opened the door instead of waiting for me!! Seriously, when did he get so old?!?

08.01.12 - What did we do before DVR?? Ethan had to go potty, so on his way out of the room, he says, "Mommy, pause the TV!" I guess he didn't want to miss any Curious George! hahaha!


07.31.12 - Went to Ethan's preschool orientation tonight! When did he get so old??

07.30.12 - Tiny set a record-breaking 13+ hours of sleep last night when he finally decided to grace us with his presence at 10 am this morning!! While Tiny slept, Ethan childproofed the doors and outlets ("for Noah" he informed me). I guess he forgot that when he puts the doorknob covers on, he can't open the doors either. Oops! haha!

07.27.12 - 31 must be rough on me. Ethan informed me that I'm old, because I have holes (aka, enlarged pores) on my face. Awesome. Thanks, son.

07.20.12 - I was feeling so nice and relaxed after a massage and pedi this afternoon...then Josh made Ethan gag at dinner. So much so that he puked on the table. Not cool. Not cool at all. I freaked, as I hate vomit more than anything else on Earth, which then sent Noah into hysterics. Oh what an evening. That morning I managed to do my hair. Not sure why I bothered since Ethan informed me the day before that he liked my hair, the day I let it air dry and threw it up in a ponytail, but that he didn't like it today, when I spent the extra 15 min blow drying and curling. Go figure!

07.19.12 - Ethan was playing with his doctor's kit and took my temperature (in my ear, like we use our real one). Noah picked it up a little later and took my temperature too! He was so proud of himself. Too cute! :)

07.14.12 - I guess the birthday boy knew he had a big day ahead of him, as he slept in past 9!! Felt more like a birthday present to me since I can't remember the last time he did that! Haha! Perhaps playing with all 5 of his cousins the night before wore him out? :) Happy 1st Birthday to my tiny man!!

07.02.12 - We are officially homeowners again! :) 


06.28.12 - Daisy was playing with something on the floor during lunch and I couldn't see it from the kitchen, so I asked Ethan what it was. I couldn't understand what he was saying, so he started to spell it for me instead. Haha! So, after "c-h," I figured out he was saying Cheerio. I guess he figured out how to spell Cheerio because I sit the box on the table while they eat in the morning?? I think he gets his super spelling skills from his Mama. ;) I guess I need to make sure he knows how to spell "zealous" before 5th grade though, so he can be the spelling bee champ. ;) Haha!

06.26.12 - I think it's safe to say that Noah enjoyed his smash cake at our photo session. He grabbed an entire 6-inch layer in both of his little hands and devoured it. Icing everywhere. Fortunately he crashed quickly from the sugar high, but not before nursing for twice as long as normal. I guess all that cake makes for a thirsty little guy! haha!

06.23.12 - Ethan: "Daddy is being bad, Mommy. I'm going to beat him up with my big muscles. I'll be right back!" I swear I don't know where he gets this stuff! Haha!

06.21.12 - Yay!! What started out as a bad week has turned into a great one! Josh received an unexpected bonus yesterday, we sold our loveseat tonight via Craigslist (two days after listing it!!), and we moved up the closing on our house to the 2nd! We scheduled the movers and should be moved in by my birthday! Woo hoo!! Happy Birthday to me! :)

06.12.12 - While playing a car racing app with Ethan on my iPad, he wanted to buy a BMW to race. I said that we couldn't because we didn't have enough money in the game. He got an excited look on his face, ran to the other room, and came back in proudly exclaiming, "I have money! I want to buy a BMW!" He had gone to retrieve his Easter money that was sitting on my desk so that he could buy the car. Awww. So sweet!

06.11.12 - Rescued by a nice couple in the parking lot when my van wouldn't start. Yay for fellow Ohioans!

06.10.12 - Noah's two front top teeth are breaking through the surface! Explains a lot of crabbiness...

06.09.12 - We are finally under contract for a house!!! I had painted my toenails pink last night and Ethan was distraught this morning to discover they were no longer "white" (French). He has been quite insistent that I go to the nail salon to make them white again. Sounds good to me! ;)

06.04.12 - Best road trip with both boys to date! Yay!


05.31.12 - Poor Noah had to get a blood draw today at the pediatrician's office to check for any potential problems. He's getting taller and putting on weight, but dropping in percentile for weight. All results were normal, but it appears he is not getting enough milk from me. :(

05.29.12 - Ethan: "This little piggy goes to Walmart. This little piggy eats PB&J and trail mix. This little piggy has a doggy. This little piggy has a race car. This little piggy says, 'Wah, wah, wah, I want my Mommy'." hahahaha!

05.26.12 - Noah is officially a walker now. He is going all the way across rooms with ease!

05.23.12 - Ethan is in a speling phase right now. He wants to "read" (aka, spell) everything he sees. Every sign, every car make and license plate, etc. It makes for some long walks! haha! The other night he even spelled his name to the lady who asked him what it was, instead of just saying it. Funny little guy!

05.21.12 - While eating lunch today, after playing 'peek-A-a-boo' (as Ethan says it) and growling at each other (yes, they growl, it's hilarious), Ethan looks across the table at Noah and says, "Noah is getting so big!" hahaha! He's starting to sound like Josh and me! ;) And sadly, he is right. Our tiny man doesn't seem so tiny anymore! We've had to start breaking out the middle name with him, which had been super rare until recently. I think 'NoJo' will be a cute nickname to go with 'E-man'.

05.20.12 - Ethan to stuffed animal doggy (it's currently his favorite and he has conversations with it all day and refers to it as "fake doggy" since Daisy is our "real doggy"): "Why are you sad, fake doggy? Don't be sad, fake doggy. Mommy bought trail mix at the store!" No reply from fake doggy, as usual. However, Ethan continues to respond, so apparently fake doggy is whispering in his ear...

05.16.12 - Ethan: "A is for apple! B is for boy! C is for car! D is for doggy or Daisy or Daddy! E is for me! F is for fish! G is for Grandma! H is for hat! I is for ice! J is for Jeep! K is for kangaroo!" He's so smart. :)

05.13.12 - The boys made me a proud mama today for Mother's Day! Ethan has been doing great at night with staying dry and he slept in undies successfully for the first time at night now too! Yay! Noah went from taking just a couple steps on his own the past few days to EIGHT steps tonight!! He also said "mama" several more times today!

05.06.12 - Josh and I enjoyed our first night out without the kids since before Noah was born. We didn't know what to do with ourselves and were back within a couple hours! haha!

05.02.12 - A testament to Ethan's love for cars...I think he is going to learn to spell/read all of the automobile makes/models before the normal first words (you know, dog, cat, ball, etc), haha! He spells out J-E-E-P and knows it is Jeep and K-I-A is Kia. He also exclaims excitedly, "Honda has an 'H'!" when he sees their emblem. Such a funny little guy. :)

05.01.12 - Ethan: "You don't have a wee-wee, Mommy. I have a wee-wee. Noah has a wee-wee. Daddy has a wee-wee. Daisy has a...tail. Mommy, you don't have a wee-wee because you're a girl. You need a wee-wee." Me: "Nope, that'd be bad." Haha!


04.27.12 - Ethan's best line of the week on vacation...We told him, "Wow, Ethan, you're really getting some color on that pasty pale skin this week!" Ethan: "No! I want to be white!" Haha! Not to be outdone, Noah gobbled down an entire corn dog at dinner. Yes, corn and dog, plus a couple fries and crackers. I watched in amazement as he apparently filled a hollow leg!

04.20.12 - Noah enjoyed his first ever hamburger at Red Robin in Newnan. Bittersweet to visit!

04.18.12 - After catching Noah put a piece of Daisy's food in his mouth...Ethan: "Noah, don't eat the dog food. You're a baby!" I guess it's ok when you're a big boy though? ;)

04.16.12 - Noah's first experience with meat tonight (sausage stuffed pasta). Went much better than Ethan's meat in a jar experience. ;) hahaha!

04.11.12 - Noah looked like he had had a little work done this in a little collagen pumped into his upper lip. Poor guy really had an unfortunate run-in with his big brother, the concrete and his two little sharp teeth last night. :( Sibling rivalry already??

04.10.12 - My mini-me took one look at Noah's messy highchair this morning and said, "Ewww, dirty!" Then he refused to wash his hands on the same side of the sink where I had put Noah's dirty bib. Haha. He's mine for sure! I'll admit it was a super mess of mushy peaches and ground of Cheerios. I nearly had a panic attack watching him eat it this morning! :/

04.09.12 - Ethan: "I like that green race car." Me: "That's not a race car, it's a Civic." Ethan: "But it has a wing!" Hmm...I think it's time for Daddy to teach him about ricers. ;) He also lectured me on keeping Noah's sunshade over his head while in the stroller. Um, when did he get so big and smart? :)

04.06.12 - At dinner, Josh told Ethan to "release" (a command we use with Daisy while playing with her toys) his milk and Ethan replied, "Daddy, I'm a big boy, not a doggy!" Hahaha!

04.05.12 - Ethan has been obsessed with "going to the doctor" lately anytime he gets a boo-boo. Today while we were walking, he pointed to a car with a wrecked front end and squealed, "Mommy, that car needs to go to the doctor! It has a big boo-boo! It go get fixed!" hahaha!


03.30.12 - Noah loves listening to Adele in the van as much as I do. He stops crying immediately if I put her on! :)

03.29.12 - Ethan is so sweet. While we were out walking, due to the pollen, it being mowing day, and lack of an antihistamine this week, I was itching so bad that I clawed my legs until I looked like I was attacked by a very angry cat. :( As soon as we came back inside, Ethan ran to his room to grab his dr's kit to help me! :) Not sure about my outlook, though, because my temp is 0 and my BP is 2/1, according to Dr. Seeley. ;)

03.27.12 - Noah's second tooth broke through today!! Poor guy! :(

03.24.12 - Noah enjoyed his first pancake this morning. Yum, yum!

03.23.12 - Like most moms of more than one child, I accidentally called Ethan by Noah's name. He promptly informed me, "Mommy, I'm Ethan!" haha! I guess that is better than when I call one of them Daisy! ;)

03.21.12 - Poor Ethan was so excited about eating his "black cake pop" (aka raspberry truffle cake pop from Starbucks, or little bit of heaven, if you ask me). He threw a fit after I took a small bite of it to get him started (after telling me it was ok to do so), which I guess then prompted him to shove the entire thing in his mouth at one time, so I couldn't steal anymore (can't really blame him there!). He started to choke on it though, and had to say goodbye to half of it as it went down the kitchen sink drain. Poor guy. :(

03.14.12 - Perhaps I tell Ethan to be quiet too often, so that he doesn't wake up Noah. He has recently started asking me, "Will this wake up Noah?" as he points at various toys. Today he tried telling the workers outside to stop weedeating, so that they won't wake up Noah. haha. He's so sweet. :) Also caught Ethan trying to drag letters across the TV screen today with his finger while watching Word World. Oh, what did we do before touch screens?!? haha!

03.12.12 - The boys are getting too smart. Noah his figured out how to escape my room barricades and quickly darts around the apartment as fast as a tiny crawling man can go, which is pretty darn fast! We used to be able to get Ethan to eat more food by telling him he needed to eat three more bites. He would counter back with "no, five!" Um, ok, five it is! Then when he would finish that, we would keep saying, "one more!" And he would keep eating...Now, he counters back with less and then sets the agreed amount aside so we can't trick him into eating any extras! Haha!

03.11.12 - Ethan got to use the great outdoors as his potty for the first time today! ;) The advantages of having boys!!

03.10.12 - When Ethan cries, he says his "eyes are dirty." hahahaha

03.09.12 - Noah cut his first tooth today!

03.08.12 - Ethan really liked the Mum Mums I bought for Noah to eat. So he hovered over his high chair waiting for him to reject them so he could have them. It reminded me of when my sister and I were little and I wanted to eat her baby food. Awesome.

03.06.12 - Scored a LeapPad for Ethan at the store today. A little late for a birthday present, but it was what we wanted to get him and couldn't find in time. Ethan was so excited and ran around the room saying, "I want to play my iPad!" ;)

03.03.12 - Ethan celebrated his 3rd birthday at Great Wolf Lodge with a party for the family. He surprised us all by enjoying some water slides! Noah enjoyed (well, kind of) his first "swim" in the pool!


02.29.12 - Enjoyed our first play date in Tennessee!

02.28.12 - While pouring my morning cup of coffee, Ethan says, "Mommy drink coffee? Why?" I replied, "Because I like coffee." His response, "Because you don't like tea?" I said, "Yep, because I don't like tea!" haha! Can you tell Daddy drinks lots of tea? ;) hehe

02.24.12 - While playing with his doctor set today, Ethan put his stethoscope on and told me to "inhale" and "exhale" as he listened. :)

02.22.12 - Ethan loves saying "be-cauuuuuuse" to everything, even if we don't ask him why. haha!

02.19.12 - Ethan went potty all by himself without even letting us know he needed to go! haha!

02.18.12 - While we were out to eat, Ethan let me know he needed to potty and then actually went in a public restroom! :) He also had no accidents today, even when he had a diaper on while we were out.

02.15.12 - Ethan's latest phrase is, "Leave me alone!" or "Get away from me!" The former is usually said to Mommy or Daddy when we come at him with the snot sucker. Poor guy. The latter is usually directed at Noah when Noah tries playing with his toys. haha!

02.09.12 - Ethan was definitely feeling better and back to his antics. The boys were playing in his room while I went to the kitchen to put dinner in the oven. Out comes Ethan and I hear the door shut, thinking he shut Noah in his room. Then Noah crawls around the corner. Ethan had sent him out of his room, complete with putting his paci back in and his raggy on his back for the ride. He was shutting the door so Noah couldn't get back in! Hahaha!

02.08.12 - Ethan and Noah had been sick for a few days (fevers, congestion, runny noses), but fevers were finally gone today. Whew!

02.02.12 - Celebrated Daisy's 6th birthday. Unfortunately, I was feeling sick that day.

02.01.12 - Noah took his first big boy bath, with Ethan. At dinner, while holding Daddy's hand, Ethan said, "I like holding Daddy." Awww.


01.29.12 - Noah started cruising around the couches! And he slept 11 hours straight! Woo hoo!

01.28.12 - Had a delicious dinner out with two well-behaved little guys, who even received props from fellow diners! Ethan got to pick out his big boy undies at Target! :)

01.25.12 - Noah was having trouble falling asleep at naptime, so Ethan cracked his door open and threw a car in there to help him out. ;)

01.24.12 - Ethan told me he needed to pee 3 times today without me bugging him to go on the potty! :)

01.23.12 - Ethan has been quite the funny man at bedtime this past week. Daddy tells Ethan it is time to brush his teeth. Ethan says "No!" Daddy says, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way." Ethan responds, "Easy way! Hard way hurts!" or "Hard way hurts! I want to go easy way!" hahahaha. Got this one on video!

01.20.12 - Six-month check-up for Noah. Lunch with Daddy afterwards where Ethan tried Chinese for the first time. He loved his chicken lo-mein meal at Wok Hay! :)

01.18.12 - Morning routine with Ethan...he asks, "Where's Daddy?" when I get him up each morning. I tell him, "Daddy is at work." Ethan says, "Why?" I say, "So he can make money." Ethan's response, "To buy cars?" I say, "Yep, to buy you cars. Someone has to feed your expensive habit!" ;)

01.14.12 - Ethan's first #2 in the potty! Yay!

01.13.12 - First snow for us in Tennessee! Ethan enjoyed a snowball fight with Daddy.

01.07.12 - Moved in to the apartment in Tennessee!

12.29.11 - Enjoyed our last night around the firepit at the GA house with Ethan and sold the GA house to Josh's company. Bittersweet.

12.22.11 - Last day being Mommy and Daddy while Josh worked out of town for almost 3 months!

11.25.11 - At my Grandpa's calling hours when we told Ethan it was time to say bye-bye to Great-Grandpa Frank, he told us that Great "Baboo" (his word for Grandpa) was asleep. :'( The innocence of children...

11.19.11 - Ethan's latest saying...when he sees something he likes, he says, "I wanna buy that!" Time to hide the wallets!

11.17.11 - As I was feeding Noah, Ethan grabbed his stuffed animal doggy, lifts up his shirt and "feeds" the doggy, as he says, "doggy eat booby!" Then as I was putting Noah to bed, he grabbed my unattended phone and managed to call three people. I kind of wondered why I kept hearing him say, "Hello! Hello!" ;) What a booger!

11.16.11 - Ethan spelled out "BAGS" in the tub with his letters (lucky choice of letters, I'm sure) and said that it was "momma." Later he pulled coffee out of the pantry and handed it to me. Was he trying to tell me something? Were the bags under my eyes that bad? haha!

11.15.11 - Ethan informed me, while going through the Toys 'R Us Christmas catalog, that he doesn't want dolls because he is a big boy!

11.14.11 - As I ordered a drink from Starbucks, Ethan chirped from the back, "Cake pops! Cake pops!" I swear I don't order them that often! ;)

11.09.11 - As we were out for a walk, it started to rain. I jogged back to the house with Daisy and the boys in the stroller as Ethan squealed, "Rain, momma!" the whole way. haha.

11.05.11 - Noah's first experience with solid food. Video here!

10.20.11 - Told Ethan, "I love you, big boy," and he responded "I love you, momma!" :)

10.14.11 - Noah rolled from back to front for the first time!

10.12.11 - Ethan was distraught to learn that he can't feed Noah from his boobies. :(

09.21.11 - Noah slept through the night for the first time - 8.5 hours straight!

09.13.11 - Ethan figured out how to use the iPad by himself by finding his Angry Birds game while I was out of the room!

09.02.11 - Ethan got into my tampon stash. I tried to tell him to put them away because they are for girls only. He responded, "No! For boys!" hahaha!

08.26.11 - Noah had his first his car seat. :(

08.23.11 - Ethan's first and last gymnastics class. :( He wasn't interested in leaving my lap...

08.22.11 - Ethan likes "helping" with shoving his paci back in his mouth for him. ;)

08.21.11 - Ethan's first ever run through the sprinkler! Video here!

08.16.11 - Noah's first night in his own room.

08.01.11 - My first day home alone with both boys.

07.17.11 - Our first walk as a family of five. :)

07.14.11 - Birth of Noah John at 5:20 pm. Video shot shortly after that. 7 lbs, 13 oz and 20.5 inches long.

07.04.11 - Ethan LOVED the big fireworks that Daddy was setting off in front of the house. He kept saying, "More! More!"

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