Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updated Pics and Videos!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for a couple newly added videos! :)

Kristy has also updated her facebook picture albums...click here for the latest Ethan album.

Lots of exciting things happening in the coming weeks:
  • Ethan will be 4 months old already on Friday!
  • We will be starting him on rice cereal this weekend!! :)
  • 4th of July fireworks on the lake (hopefully)
  • Kristy's 28th birthday on the 8th
  • Ethan's 4-month check-up on the 9th

Monday, June 29, 2009

Trip to Ohio and Kentucky

So I realized that we have been back from our 3-week long trip for a couple weeks now and we had not yet blogged about it. So, here we go.....

Josh had to go to Germany for 3 weeks for work, so Kristy decided to stay with family while he was away, since it was such a long trip. So, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we began our trek north. Our first stop was Georgetown, KY, where we most recently lived. We wanted to catch up with some friends there. So, we stayed with Greg and Lisa Brown, co-workers of Josh's at Toyota, on Saturday night. It was a fun time and we even took the boat out on their lake on Sunday, which was a first for both Ethan and Daisy! :) 

Early Sunday evening, we headed about an hour up the road to Cincinnati. This time we stopped to visit Josh's brother, Aaron, and his daughter, Braelynn, at their house on the east side. We spent the evening catching up with them. On Monday, we got up and made our way to another friend's house in Cincy - Jeff and Amanda Balster. Jeff is Josh's fraternity brother and roommate from freshman year at UC. We caught up with them and then decided to make a trip downtown to Taste of Cincinnati! It was delicious as usual and we had a great time, until it started pouring down rain on us. :( We were able to fill our bellies first with some super tasty food, and also catch up with a couple of Kristy's classmates from UC - Liz Ebbeler and Cindy (Klinefelter) Busse.

After that we began the trek north again, to Kristy's parents' house, in Fredericktown. Josh's flight left Tuesday at 12:30 pm, so, then it was Kristy, Ethan and Daisy for the duration. We spent the first week in Fredericktown and Ethan had the opportunity to meet many relatives - Deb & Steve, Ed, Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Irene, Lori & Vanessa, Great-Grandma Hannan-Zehner, and Steve & Becky.

The following week, Kristy's sister, Katie, was scheduled to go to the hospital to be induced on the 2nd. So, that Tuesday we made the trip southwest, to her house in Huber Heights. There we stayed with Jacob, Ethan's cousin, while Katie and her husband, Mike, went to the hospital. Little Rachel Aimee was born on the 3rd! We then spent the rest of that week and the following week at Katie's house, helping out and letting the cousins "play." Ethan and Jacob did love watching Shrek together as Jacob sat with his arm around Ethan - too cute! He loved spending time with "his babies," as he put it. :)

On that Friday, Josh's flight was scheduled to arrive around 4:30 pm, so we packed up and headed to the Columbus airport to pick him up. It was great to have him back in the states again!! He had a nice trip and was able to meet up with his brother, Jared, the two weekends that he was there and do lots of sightseeing in Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium! They had a great time together. For pics from his trip, check out his facebook page. From the airport, we headed south to Josh's parents' house in Wheelersburg. We spent the rest of the weekend there, where Ethan had the chance to meet his Memaw Sparks and Great Aunt Sharon. He also spent more time with cousin Braelynn and Uncle Aaron.

On Monday morning we woke up and packed the 4-runner up one final time! It was time to head home! :) It was a nice trip and we had the chance to see a lot of friends and family, but we had been away for quite a while, and it was great to get back home that evening!!

For pics from the trip, be sure to check out Kristy's album on facebook!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Three Months Old!

Ethan turned three months old last week. It is hard to believe - they really do grow up too fast! It seems like ages ago that I gave birth, yet I still don't know how three months have past already either. Since last month, he has gained about 11 ozs, to weigh in at around 13 lbs, 6 ozs, which is in the 50th-75th percentile. He grew an additional two inches from his previous length of 23 inches, to a length of 25 inches now, which is in the 75th-90th percentile. Such a tall boy now! :) And I am pretty sure he is currently in a growth spurt, as all he wants to do is eat and sleep, even more than usual, haha. :) As I type, he just passed out during tummy time, which NEVER happens and he took a 1.5+ hour nap today, which also never happens anymore! His head circumference has also increased to 41 cm, which is also in the 50th percentile. This month he received a special surprise on his 3-month birthday - a new cousin! Rachel Aimee was born June 3rd at 9:46 am to my sister, Katie, and her husband, Mike. She was 8 lbs, 1.6 ozs and 20.75" long.

It's amazing what a month can bring for an infant. He now flashes hundreds of smiles a day and just last week had his first true laugh while I was changing him to get ready for bed. He has been able to roll from his stomach to his back for over a month now, but is still working on going from his back to his stomach. He did it once last week (which unfortunately everyone missed - we only know he did it because he was on his back, and then next time we looked he was on his tummy!), but has yet to make it happen again. He easily gets on to his side both ways, but then stops there. :( He is soooo close! I think he is just waiting for his daddy to get home from Germany. :) He loves looking into the mirror, staring at the cute boy he sees. :) He is constantly drooling and he has also discovered his hands and fingers, and LOVES chewing on them. It will definitely not be long before those teeth pop in!

Below is a pic of Ethan at three months, once again wearing a 12-month onesie. He hasn't changed quite as much this past month, but is still getting cuter by the day! ;)