Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Big so Fast!

So there are many exciting things happening in Ethan's life these past couple of weeks. Just a couple weeks ago, he started sitting up with no problems by himself, on a regular basis, at just 6 months. Then, just a week later, he started pulling himself up to standing on objects around the house (besides me). :) As you can see by the video below, he is really good at standing up, but is unsure what to do after that, haha. He usually just stands there for awhile, then falls down. Oh well, he's still young!

Also on Monday, he finally had a tooth break through!! We have been thinking for months that it was going to happen any day, and now that day has finally come, and I am wishing it hadn't! haha....He has definitely been cranky and has started waking at night because of it too, I think. Just hoping they come in quick and we get through this without too much pain (me and him both!) haha

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