Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Menu Monday #16

Another busy weekend for us. So busy that this post isn't happening until Tuesday! Most of that is due to the holiday yesterday and the fact that we were on the road most of the day. We were making our way home from Ohio, where we spent the weekend with both of our families. On Friday, we headed to hubby's parents' house where we spent that evening and the next day with them. The boys love playing with their cousin, Braelynn, and they enjoyed their day! On Saturday, we dined at one of hubby's favorite places for lunch, Hickie's Hamburger Inn. I probably should have tried a burger, but opted for a chicken sandwich instead. It was pretty good for a fried chicken sandwich, something I don't normally eat anymore. The boys gobbled up their burger, hot dog and fries smothered in gravy! Surprise, surprise. Josh indulged in the Big Yogi that you see in the video link above and enjoyed every bite! ;) That evening, we celebrated my in-laws' birthdays with another Reese cake. Yum.

On Sunday morning, we made our way to my sister's house for my nephew's 5th birthday party! The way Ethan feels about cars is how he feels about pirates. So...Pirate of the Caribbean was the theme! :) The boys enjoyed more fun time with their three cousins and some of my nephew's friends too!

Hubby and I were pumped for the chance to get some Chipotle for lunch that day, which sadly has not made its way to eastern TN yet. :( We had a great time catching up with my family before heading to a local hotel for the night. Here we had our very first experience with "bed-sharing." We had one king bed and they were out of roll-away beds, so Ethan got to sleep in the middle for the night! Haha! I seriously don't know how some people do that every night!? Maybe not all kids move around as much at night as he does? LOL! I don't know. All I know is that when I woke up in the 4 o'clock hour, there was a leg/foot dangling over my shoulder. Oh yeah. Apparently his head was buried into hubby and he managed to take over his pillow before the end of the night too. Haha! So yeah, fortunately, it's not something we have to do every night as it was certainly an experience! Lucky Noah had the pack 'n play all to himself, but Daisy got to share in the fun too. ;) That was one full bed! On the plus side, the boys actually let us sleep in a few hours later that morning than they had the previous two mornings away from home, so I'm not complaining! On our trip back on Monday, we stopped at Penn Station in KY for lunch. Another favorite that we can't get around here, we enjoyed some hot subs before making our way back home.

Sunday: Birthday party!
We enjoyed pizza and cake at the birthday party.

Monday: Take out Italian food
By the time we arrived home and I purchased groceries for our bare refrigerator, it was too late to cook, so we ordered some take out. Unfortunately, it was not as good as I hoped it would be and they messed up my order. :( I don't think we'll be going back there!

Tuesday: Grilled salmon topped with basil pesto over brown rice, oven roasted asparagus
I will make some more basil pesto (and try to post the recipe soon!) with the abundance of basil that we have growing right now! :) It is very tasty with the salmon and makes plenty to use through the week as a dip for crackers.
Our new favorite burger, it is so simple, fresh and delicious. Instead of topping it with leaves of basil, I may use some of the leftover basil pesto instead. Delicious! Everyone gobbles up the fries, and I'll serve them with my spicy ketchup.

Thursday: Salsa chicken served in whole wheat tortillas, cajun-buttered sweet corn
I haven't made this in awhile and I wanted at least one dish that is made indoors in case I need to shuffle meals this week because of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac! It's so yummy and makes lots of leftovers too!

After consuming so much takeout pizza recently, I have been craving my favorite homemade variety. It truly is the best pizza you will ever make!

Saturday: Out to eat
Not sure what we'll be having, but it will be a break from the kitchen for me!

Happy meal planning to you this week! This year, we'll be missing my hometown's local street fair for the first time in the past few years. While I will miss the deep-fried Snickers, I know my waistline won't! I have really been slacking lately with the diet lifestyle change, and have started to head the wrong direction on the scale again. Ugh. I am getting back on track today, which means no more sweets for me for awhile! :(

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