Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why My Hubby is Stuck with Me!

My husband is awesome. Yes, I realize I am risking him getting a huge gigantic ego by actually putting this in print, but it's time to give him credit where credit is due. Have I ever mentioned what an awesome husband and father he is? Not only does he work all day to support us (which included super long hours when we lived in KY and GA), but then he comes home and plays with the boys, often grills dinner, makes sure the boys' food is spoon fed or cut up as needed (at home and at restaurants!), works on house projects, vacuums the house (after I was told by a doctor that vacuuming is the absolute worst thing I can do for my back), and can fix stuff everything!! And he never gets mad when I spend ridiculous amounts of money on matching wardrobes for the boys. :) I seriously don't know what I would do without him. Back off, he's mine!! ;)

Boys in matching Christmas outfits
Who could get mad at that though?? Ridiculous amounts of cuteness here!
I'm not joking. From the time I met him in college, I realized he was not just a pretty face. ;) hehe. Even then, I noticed that he could build or fix anything. He can build computers from parts. He can build car engines and fix most things that go wrong with cars, too. He's really smart. That's probably why he's an engineer. :) He's probably one of the only people I know who might actually be more anal retentive than I am when it comes to attention to detail. I love it.

So I guess you are wondering, why am I now finally singing his praises? This is why...

Shattered iPad

Yes, that is a picture of my broken iPad. Yes, the incident was quite tragic. I found out the hard way that tile flooring vs. an iPad results in a win for the tile. :'( So, so sad. After 15 short months together (fortunately, I have managed to keep our youngest son safe in this same period of time!), I feared the worst...that I would be iPad-less for the rest of my life. Surely hubby would never agree to pay for a new one, especially since we had finally made the plunge and invested in iPhones just one week prior!! After hearing the news from Apple that it would cost $250 + taxes and shipping (!!!) to get a replacement from them, I was again distraught, as I knew he wouldn't go for that either. Ugh.

Enter my husband. After some online research and shopping, we managed to secure a new digitizer, the glass piece that sets on top of the LCD screen, and the only part of my iPad that was damaged.

The shattered digitizer is at the top of the picture, with the functioning LCD screen at the bottom.
Holding up the shattered digitizer after it was completely removed.
Replacing the digitizer was a process that required a lot of patience (much more than I possess!), meticulous attention to detail and a bit of electronic knowledge as well. With the help of some online tutorials, he was able to replicate the steps needed to remove the damaged digitizer and replace it with the new one. As you can see above, he had to scrape the shattered piece off first. It is stuck on there with a crazy amount of super sticky glue, so it was quite time-consuming to ensure that it was all scraped off without damaging the outer plastic lip and the wifi antenna.

This pic was after he had scraped the first edge off.
He is working around the wifi antenna here, with the batteries exposed, under the LCD screen.
Lining up the new digitizer with the LCD screen.
New glue strips set in place here, getting ready to secure the new digitizer onto the LCD screen.
By the end of the night, I had what appears to be a brand new iPad! Amazing! You can't even tell that it's been repaired!

Good as new!
So yeah, my husband is awesome. And he's never going to be able to get rid of me. I hope he knows that. ;)

Cute and handy...he's a keeper!
So, next time you break your iPad or iPhone, you know who to call! :)


  1. Kristy, this is awesome! You definitely have a great guy there and this is a sweet tribute to him:) So wonderful that he was able to fix it--what a relief. Yay!

  2. Thanks! Hubby is pretty darn awesome! No worries, so far his head is still fitting through the door, so I think we are ok. ;) hehe! It was definitely a huge sigh of relief when he was able to fix it!!!

  3. I need to show this to my boyfriend. My ipad is completely shattered. :(

  4. Oh no! I hope he is able to fix it for you by following this guide!


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