Monday, October 8, 2012

Menu Monday #21

Whew! We kept busy this weekend with hubby's parents and our niece visiting us. Lots of cooking and playing. Unfortunately, the weather was kind of lousy Saturday and Sunday, so we spent most of the weekend indoors to stay dry and warm!

A little cooperation for a pic! Never an easy task. ;)

For dinner on Friday, we went to the Yong Asian House. It's our favorite Asian place and it did not disappoint. We both tried the Singapore Rice Noodles. Super tasty! My in-laws arrived later that evening and we made s'mores around the fire pit outside, while the weather was still nice. Yum! I also made some pumpkin crunch to enjoy that evening and the rest of the weekend. I will try to post that recipe soon, as it is a great alternative to pumpkin pie for the fall season. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin pie, but I love this pumpkin crunch recipe. Most people I know who have had it actually prefer it too - even my pumpkin pie obsessed hubby! ;)

On Saturday morning, I made my favorite homemade coffee cake for everyone. I really should share that recipe soon too, as it is by far the best coffee cake in the world! When I worked at UK, our brace rep used to bring it in for us when he visited and I quickly became addicted to it. His wife made it, so I finally asked for the recipe. We've been enjoying it at home ever since! Since it makes such a big amount, I usually reserve it for when we have company. We also had scrambled eggs and some fresh strawberries to accompany the cake. Delicious. For dinner on Saturday, I camped out in the kitchen (not kidding, it's a labor-intensive meal!) and made Pork Schnitzel and Warm Potato Salad. I also tried a new recipe for buttermilk biscuits to accompany the pork. They turned out pretty well and tasted great. They weren't too difficult to make, so I'll probably make them from scratch from now on. :)

On Sunday morning I made a couple of breakfast casseroles. The recipe is from my MIL, and it is a yummy one. It uses crescent rolls on the bottom, topped with your meat (I used sausage for one and bacon for the other), then shredded mozzarella cheese, then egg poured over the top. It bakes up nicely and serves as a nice filling brunch. I would like to eventually try making my own crescent roll layer from scratch, but will need to figure out what recipe will work best for that first. I would also like to try adding some fresh basil and tomatoes or mushrooms too, as I think that would be tasty.

Last week's addition of A1 sauce to the pot roast was excellent! It was just enough to give the meat a really great flavor, without overpowering any of the natural flavors of the veggies. I will definitely make it that way again. The new recipe for the orzo dish was also excellent. I think Noah ate his weight in orzo that night! ;) At ~21 pounds, it's not really that far of a stretch! Haha!

Sunday: Take out pizza
After spending the weekend in the kitchen, I needed a break! Josh had acquired a free pizza coupon from Papa John's, so that was dinner.

Monday: Spicy Italian Chili, buttermilk cornbread
Another cool, cloudy/rainy, fall day = chili weather! Josh has been bugging me to make chili for weeks months now (no joke!), so we will enjoy our first big pot of the season. We change up the ingredients in our chili from the regular variety, by using sausage instead of beef, red bell pepper, and sage and Italian seasoning. I will try a new recipe for the cornbread since I have leftover buttermilk from this weekend. :)

We'll take advantage of a nice day to throw some burgers on the grill. We haven't had these in several weeks now, but they still remain our favorite!

Wednesday: Tomato bisque, grilled cheese sandwiches
Josh won't be home for dinner, so I need something quick and easy. We loved the Amy's organic tomato bisque we had last time, so I bought that again. It pairs perfectly with a creamy grilled cheese sandwich. I'll make my own French bread and use slices of provolone. Yum!

Thursday: Scrambled eggs, fried potatoes (leftover from the weekend), multigrain English muffins
Brinner!! I can't remember the last time we had brinner, so it will be fun!

Friday: TBD
My family will be in town and we have pictures scheduled for the evening, so we may have to grab something to eat when we are done that night.

Saturday: TBD
With 6 adults and 5 kids, I'll be feeding a small army, so I need to think of something easy to make for a large crowd. :) My pizza pasta casserole is usually a hit with the kiddos and we haven't had it in ages, so I may have to make that. Any other suggestions?

Happy meal planning to you this week! Stay warm! The leaves are finally starting to change color here. I love it! :)


  1. How is it that you make even grilled cheese and tomato soup sound gourmet! I'm off to add this in my menu rotation now--it's been too long. Great pics and go you for always working so hard to make yummy meals for your family :)

    1. haha, Thanks! I love to make "grown-up" versions of comfort foods from my childhood! :) You must try the soup I suggested. It is fantastic, right out of the can without needing to add-in anything at all!! :) Aw, thanks! I may not be mom of the year (hehe), but I do love to cook for my family!!


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