Monday, April 7, 2014

Amos is Seven Months Old!

Age of Baby: 7 months
Even though he's tiny, he doesn't look it! Haha!

Size of Baby:
  • Weight: 15 lbs 0 oz (down to the 3rd percentile), +3 oz from last month
  • Length: 27 inches (down to the 49th percentile), +0.25 inches from last month
  • Head circumference: not measured
  • Height-to-Weight ratio: down to < 3rd percentile
Amos is still wearing a size 2 diaper and 3-6 month clothes when it's cold, but is starting to wear quite a bit more 6-9/6-12 month clothes, especially if they are for spring. He still wears a size 2 shoe.


None this month.

Doctor's Visit Summary:

No visit this month.

Picture of Baby:

Here is Amos's 7-month picture in the 12-month onesie. He's definitely getting more hair now, even though it's still not much, and hard to see here! Haha! All of my babies have been bald like me!

And here is a comparison of all three of the boys at seven months, just for fun. Ethan and Noah were still significantly bigger at this point (Ethan was 28 inches long and weighed 17 lbs and Noah was 27 inches long and weighed 17 lbs 3 oz).

Ethan, Noah, and Amos (each at 7 months)

Accomplishments this Month:
  • Drags himself around the room
  • Pushes himself up on hands
  • Sits forward in his high chair
  • Sits up on the floor with little assistance
  • Sitting at the table when we go out to eat & in the stroller (instead of in carseat) for walks
  • Found his thumb
  • Takes a pacifier
  • Picks up and grasps small toys
Amos is all over the place now! I think this is the reason for the small weight gain this past month. He has to be burning more calories than he is consuming most days! I seriously can't sit him on the ground without him immediately rolling over and he's off and dragging his little body all over the place to get what he wants! He puts one forearm out in front of himself, then drags his body up to it, and keeps going that way all the way across a room in mere seconds. He can push his entire body up into a push-up position, but then doesn't put his knees down to crawl that way though. He either drags himself that way, or with his body laying on the ground. It's pretty funny to watch. And it means it is time to think about baby-proofing a bit better again. He hasn't tried to climb any stairs yet, but I do make sure the gate at the top is closed so that he doesn't tumble down them when he gets to them!

When it's time to eat, he is definitely excited about it. He sits forward in his chair and starts making chewing motions with his mouth in anticipation. Haha! He can really gobble it up! He's also starting to sit up on the floor some by himself, but usually he needs a bit of assistance from his arm to hold himself there. He doesn't quite have the balance yet. Because he wants to eat, we've started putting him in our clip-on chair when we go out to eat. He likes being at the table with the rest of us and eating his dinner, too. :)

So, the little guy managed to find his thumb. And he really, really liked it. Sigh. So, in an effort to curb the thumb-sucking, despite how incredibly cute it is, we tried to introduce the pacifier instead. We know we can take that away from him at some point, but his thumb, not so much! So far, that's working pretty well, but he still likes to sneak his thumb in there sometimes. ;)

He has also really started playing with a lot of his little teething toys. He can grasp them with no problem, and keep hold of them while chewing away with those little gums!

New Foods tried this Month:
  • Carrots (March 9th)
  • Oatmeal (March 13th)
  • Green beans (March 16th)
  • Bananas (March 21st)
  • Pears (March 24th)
  • Sweet potatoes (March 26th)
We've moved ahead pretty quickly with more new foods for Amos, as he hasn't appeared to have any problems with any of them. I've also continued to nurse him every 3-4 hours during the day for 10-20 minutes. He normally gets breakfast when we get back home, after we've dropped one or both of the boys off at school, around 9:30 or 10. Then, he gets his dinner with the rest of us in the evenings. I'm going to hold off on a lunch for a bit longer, to be sure he still has room for breastmilk. We've completely stopped the reflux medicine now, and he had been doing really well, but now it seems like some of his solid food is coming back up, but not regularly, and not in huge amounts. So, I think maybe he's just eating a bit too much? We stop feeding him when he loses interest in the meal, but that is rare! Haha! He is kind of a bottomless pit - especially when it comes to his pears, mixed with cinnamon and oatmeal, and sweet potatoes and squash. Those are definitely the favorites right now! His bottom two teeth are in the process of breaking through right now, so more solid foods may not be too far in the future. For now, we're sticking to chunky purées. He seems to be doing well with those, and I like that they have some texture, so hopefully he won't have texture issues with food, like I do! Haha!

Amos has had another good month in the sleep department. He is still averaging around 13-14 hours of sleep a day (10-11 hours at night, including a new record almost 12-hr stretch!, and 3 hours during the day). He normally goes to bed between 9 and 10 pm, then sleeps until between 8 and 8:30 am. He has still had some night waking on occasion, especially recently, but I think it may be due to teething or trying to crawl this past month. He sometimes wants a morning nap again now, but not regularly. He is still usually taking a nice long afternoon nap, unless he gets a long one in during the morning/early afternoon.

It's been another good month for the little guy. It should be a busy upcoming month for him with teeth and maybe some cruising? I'd be happy to have one of the boys not want to move so early though! Haha!

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