Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Menu Monday #43

Well, I ended up missing my weekly post last week. We were on the road, traveling back home on Monday from my sister's house in Virginia. Then, Josh headed out of town on Tuesday to New Orleans for a work symposium. So, our menu wasn't very exciting anyway for just the boys and me.

We had a wonderful weekend at my sister's house in Virginia last weekend. The kids enjoyed playing with each other and hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma, we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday on Saturday, and enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon at Yorktown beach on Sunday! It was gorgeous!

This past weekend was low-key. With Noah still running a fever on Friday night, we missed the preschool family night.  Major bummer. :( Fortunately, he's feeling much better now, but those 104 degree temps were a bit scary!

On Saturday morning, I made whole wheat banana bread pancakes. Although Noah had a high fever, he never really lost his appetite at all, so the boys were happy to gobble those up! On Saturday night, we tried a new local pizza place, The Main Street Pizza Company. We ordered their spicy chicken alfredo pizza. It was delicious! We will definitely be visiting them again. They had a neat atmosphere, too, and the boys loved their window seats, so they could watch the downtown streets.

On Sunday morning, we skipped out on church to be sure that Noah didn't pass along any of his germs to anyone there. He was feeling better, but wasn't 24-hour fever-free yet at that point. Josh made our usual egg sandwiches for breakfast and we enjoyed some donuts from a new local place, K Country Donuts. They were quite tasty! It was a nice day here, so we enjoyed some family time outside before the snow returned on Monday! :/

Ethan turned 5 on Monday! Cliché, I know, but I seriously don't know where the time went. Feeling a big old now with a 5-year-old! Haha! For breakfast, I made him birthday cake pancakes in "ETHAN" shapes. More about the birthday boy in an upcoming post!

SundayAlmond crusted tilapia, brown rice, roasted asparagus
We are loving this fish dish!

Monday: Flour tortilla tacos, strawberry shortcake
The birthday boy chose my homemade tortilla tacos for his birthday dinner. We fill our tortillas with seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and sriracha sauce. For his birthday treat, he chose his traditional shortcake. I use Biqsuick, sugar, milk and butter to make it - so easy and yummy!!

TuesdaySeared pork chops, roasted butternut squash, toasted pine nut couscous with cranberries
Yes, my favorite pork meal again. I want to start Amos on squash now that he's had peas for awhile. I hope he loves it!

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, mac 'n cheese, green beans
Josh will be traveling again, so the kids and I will enjoy one of their favorites. We make Annie's mac - it's delicious, uses organic ingredients and doesn't use food colors like the blue box company does. ;) I buy Perdue's Simply Smart frozen chicken chunks. They also use good ingredients, so I feel better letting the kids load up on them! ;) They taste good, too!

Thursday: Egg sandwiches
We had these last week, too, and it was easy and simple and delicious to make while watching 3 kids by myself. I like my eggs fried hard, on a toasted bagel, with some shredded mozzarella cheese.

Friday: Wallabies party
Ethan will be having a party for his preschool friends at Wallabies, a local indoor inflatable play center. We'll have pizza there, and I'll make Star Wars-themed cupcakes for all of his friends! :) We're not supposed to bring outside food in, too, but I'm going to try to sneak in some nutritious snacks in the favor bags to supplement the pizza. ;)

Saturday: Ethan's Star Wars birthday party
We'll be celebrating Ethan's birthday with family at our house. I have lots of yummy, Star Wars-themed dishes planned. More details on all of those will be on the blog after the party!!

What's on your menu this week?

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