Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amos is One Month Old!

Amos is one month old already!! He's actually six weeks old today...which means he is no longer a newborn! Wow. That also means I am a bit behind here, but I'm trying! He had a check-up with the doctor at two weeks, and doesn't go back until two months, so I had to collect his one-month stats myself. At two weeks, he had weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz (42nd percentile), measured up at 21 inches (65th percentile), and his head was 14.25 inches (33rd percentile). This meant he had gained one pound since birth, but nearly 1.5 pounds since his last weight check at 4 days old, so about 2 oz per day! His doctor said that they like to see a gain of at least 1 oz per day, so he was doing great (and I no longer needed to wake him to eat every 3 hours)! Everything looked great at his appointment and he even managed to roll over twice while the doctor was examining him! He said he gets extra credit for that. ;) Haha!

At one month, I measured him at 10 lbs 3 oz (62nd percentile) and 21.5 inches (50th percentile). Another impressive gain as he has continued to gain about 2 oz per day! He is definitely filling out nicely, including his cute little double chin, but has still retained his skinny little bird legs.

The first month was a challenging one. I don't remember the newborn stage being quite so difficult with the other two, but perhaps my memory is failing me. It wouldn't be the first time! It could also be due to the fact that I also have two other children to take care of, too? Amos loves to eat. Sometimes every hour, especially at night. Lucky me! It wouldn't be so bad if I could just feed him and lay him back down to sleep right away. I know this worked with the other two with no problems. Amos, however, does not like to be laid down on his back in his crib. That is an understatement. He actually despises it and makes his feelings quite known. Sigh. He also was not a fan of being swaddled, so we gave up on that after a few weeks. Noah wasn't either, so nothing new there. So, after feeding him, I have to wait until he is really passed out before putting him back in his crib, or those little eyes will pop back open to look at me! Oftentimes, I end up falling asleep during this process, and I'll wake up a couple hours later, still sitting in the chair holding him. He sleeps great when being held! So, I have to decide what is better - being less comfortable sleeping in the chair and getting longer stretches of sleep, or being comfortable in my bed, but for very short periods at a time. Neither is ideal obviously. :/ His longest stretches of sleep were when he was 5-7 days old. Go figure. Things went downhill from there. He started waking up after just 1-2 hours, sometimes 3, at night pretty regularly. That makes for one tired mama. Fortunately, things have gotten better the past few days, but I'll talk more about that with his 2-month post. :)

Below is a pic of Amos at one month, wearing a 12-month onesie. I will be taking a pic each month in this onesie to show how much he grows each month, just as I did for both Ethan and Noah.

And here is a comparison of all three at one month, just for fun. As of now, Amos appears to be big brother Noah's twin! Wow! I still see Ethan in him sometimes, too, so we'll see what happens later. :)

Ethan, Noah, Amos (each at one month old)

Accomplishments this month:
  • Rolling over (front to back)
  • Holding his head up
He has rolled over a few times, including at the doctor's office, but it's not something that happens every day, so I'm not sure if it really counts or not. ;) When you put him on his tummy, he can make his body pretty stiff if he's mad, so he can just roll on over pretty easily. Haha!

Our boys have all had freakishly strong necks. So strong that they have all been able to hold up their heads within a week after being born. It's pretty crazy. Here is Amos holding his up at just 2 days old. It probably helped that his head was smaller than the other two! Haha!

It's hard to believe I'll be posting another update in another couple of weeks (ideally, that is)! It's amazing how fast it all goes after the first child!

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