Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Summer Nights at the Seeley House

As of a few weeks ago, the boys are now sharing a room!! In order to get the nursery ready for the baby, we needed to move Noah into Ethan's room. Before doing this, we went ahead and finally painted Ethan's room (another post with the finished pics coming soon, hopefully!!). He had been wanting it to be blue since we moved in last summer, so gone is the green paint now. Once the room was ready, Ethan graduated to the top bunk, and Noah is now the bottom bunk resident! :) They have both been loving it and it works well since they both need to be up to get ready to take Ethan to preschool every day.

This first set of pictures is from a night when Ethan was using the guest bed because we were still in the midst of painting his room. After we got them ready for bed, Noah climbed up in with Ethan and wanted to spend the night there. Despite some crazy sleeping positions, it actually worked out pretty well and I didn't hear a peep from them until morning! Haha!

Yes, Hot Wheels cars are mandatory sleeping aids, even if they end up on your head. ;)

Here is Ethan in his newly painted blue room, making the bed on his top bunk, and the boys lounging in Noah's new digs.

Since moving into his new bed, Noah has done fairly well. Occasionally, he'll try to get out of bed and join Ethan up top, or play with his toys in the dark. LOL! Naps have went pretty well, too, since we let him sleep in there alone, while Ethan naps in the guest bedroom.

These are pics from Noah's first night in his new bed! He did great! :)

Sometimes, I find them like this when I take a peek at the monitor... ;) I've also had fun listening in to their late night chats some nights. I love that they can have their own little conversations now. :)

So sweet!!

For another first, we took the boys to see their first movie in a theater last month!! I had been wanting to take Ethan for awhile, because I knew he was old enough to sit and watch an entire film now, but it seems like every time we would get a chance, there weren't any films playing that I thought he would like. :(With the recent release of Disney's Planes, I knew both boys would be eager to see it. Noah adores airplanes and they both love Cars and Cars 2, so I was hoping it would be a hit!! They both did great during the movie, probably with a little help from a nice, big bag of buttery popcorn. ;) Noah took turns sitting with either Josh or I, and Ethan was happy to sit in his seat for the duration. We were a bit disappointed with the movie itself (Cars is much better!!), but it was still a fun time. It was a bonus that Noah was still free, so we'll have to take advantage of that again! Haha!
The boys loved the movie theater popcorn (surprise!), but broke down a bit at the end of the night. They were sad that the movie ended and it was time to go home! Haha!

This year, Josh took the boys to the local county fair by himself. The idea of walking around in the heat and humidity while 9 months preggo definitely didn't appeal to me, so I sat this year out. The boys enjoyed their evening with Daddy, indulging in corn dogs and funnel cakes, watching the monster trucks and visiting the cow barn! :)

Too cute, sitting on the bleachers to watch the monster trucks!! 

We've been keeping pretty busy lately, checking items off the to-do list (hello, nesting!!) while we anxiously await the arrival of baby boy #3! I can rest easy now, as Grandma Frank has arrived for the long haul, so we'll be set to leave for the hospital at a moment's notice! :) I'm starting to get a bit nervous about trying to juggle 3 of them (especially in the mornings when I'll have to get myself plus all of them ready on a limited amount of sleep!), but hopefully it will work out ok. Fortunately, Ethan is pretty self-sufficient now and can handle getting dressed and brushing his teeth by himself. :) Noah tries, but he's not quite there yet. I'm sure it won't be long though.

It's been a great summer. We've enjoyed several evenings of ice cream or frozen yogurt to cool down, movies on the big screen TV in our recently finished basement (hopefully some pics of that posted soon, too!!), and riding bikes and playing with sidewalk chalk in the driveway. Now, I'm looking forward to fall (football, fire pits, cooler temps, all things pumpkin...) and adjusting to life as a family of FIVE!!

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