Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Boy Starts Preschool!

Tears. My little man turned big boy is going to preschool this year!! Do they have to get big so fast?? So Ethan started preschool after much confusion about it all on Tuesday. The city schools were still closed (due to flooding) and at the orientation meeting they had told us that they would follow the city's schedule for weather closings and delays. So, silly me, I assumed this meant they were closed too, since I hadn't heard anything different. I tried calling the preschool and the church numerous times on Monday and Tuesday morning, but couldn't get ahold of anyone, so again, I figured this meant no one was there. What else was I to think?!? Lo and behold, 5 minutes after they opened up on Tuesday morning (and less than 30 minutes after I had gone ahead and sent Josh to work), I got a return call saying that they were indeed there. Seriously?!? Sigh. So, I rushed to get Ethan ready while Josh made his way home to pick him up and get him there. Fortunately, it was just a transition day, so it wasn't a huge deal. Try telling that to my crazy self though that morning though! Off went Daddy and Ethan to preschool. Here he is, "fake sleeping," trying to avoid the inevitable. Always a comedian!

For transition day, parents were allowed to stay with the kids so they could adjust and get used to whole preschool thing. This was a great idea necessity for Ethan, who has never really been away from us much. Apparently he clung to Josh's pant leg for awhile, but eventually warmed up to exploring his classroom by himself. Whew. There was hope he would survive this big step! After Noah woke up from his nap, we made our way there as well to see how big boy was doing on his first day. We found him right at home with some toy cars! He built a driveway where they could all park. :)

Noah decided to get in on the action too and check out all the fun stuff in Ethan's new classroom!

He had no qualms about leaving our laps to go explore. Haha! Go figure.

Lots of fun stuff to explore. I think it will be a good year for him. He's going just two days a week this year to get used to the idea of school. It will be good for Noah to get some one-on-one time with me too, since he hasn't really had that as the second child.

Seeing where he measures up at the beginning of the year!

Getting ready to head home. Poor guy's backpack is as big as him! Haha!

Oh my goodness. The boy will be in high school before I know it!

Here he is before his first official day all by himself.

I was happy to hear that his teacher reported no tears from him!! She said that he played hard and enjoyed the science activities they did that day. Hmm, I guess he really does want to be "Daddy" when he grows up! :)


  1. I am so proud that you made it through the first day, confusion about start date and all! We start in Sept. and I'm basically freaking out, but your post gives encouragement that it will all be okay :)

    1. Aww, thanks! It was so stressful! :/ You and your son will both do great!! :) I am loving it already! Haha!


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