Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snip, Snip!

This weekend I took Ethan to get his first "official" haircut at a salon. I decided to take him where I go -  Phase 2 Salon - to my stylist, Lynne, because she's great! It's been a little over a year since we first cut his hair here at home, but I decided it was time to see what a professional could do. Nothing against Josh and his clipper skills, but since we decided to let Ethan's hair grow out a bit on top, cutting with the clippers wasn't really working anymore (and Ethan's intense dislike of the process wasn't really much fun for any of us either).

For fun, let's revisit his first haircut back in April 2010 (just a month after his first birthday)...here are some side, back and front before/after views...

Wow. Poor 'lil guy. I guess it could probably be considered borderline child abuse allowing his mullet to get so long and icky! :( And yes, he will probably hate me some day for both posting this and allowing him to look so scruffy!! haha! But as you can see, Josh did a great job with the first cut. Using the clippers has worked well for the past year, since we have kept his hair short due to it's incredible ability to stand up straight no matter how long it grew!

Recently, we decided it looked cute as his bangs grew out a bit and he wore them brushed to the side. So, a clipper cut on those wasn't really going to work anymore. That is where Lynne came in. We needed someone with some scissor skills! :) So, I made the appointment, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. My mom and dad were in town for Memorial Day, so my mom and I took him for the haircut since Josh was at work. I'm glad I had someone with me to capture some pics since I ended up holding Ethan for this exciting experience.

At first he seemed to be quite interested in watching all of the others get their hair cut, but when it came time for his turn he seemed to be a bit reluctant. So, we sat him on my lap and I made everything better with a sucker. Yep, suckers can work magic with our child! He doesn't get them often as I try to reserve them for situations that require his best behavior. Maybe not my best parenting technique, but so far, it has worked. ;) Once engrossed in his sucker and with both of us dressed in capes, Lynne went to work...

He was such a goof as he checked himself out in the mirror! ;)

Yep, that's Mr. Cool!

And look at the fantastic results! :) I guess I didn't realize, once again, how bad his mullet was getting. :( Shame on me. Fortunately, he is all set now with a shorter, cooler cut for these HOT temps we have been having this week! 95 degrees in May? No thanks! :(

So that was our big adventure for Memorial Day weekend this year. I also finally completed attempt #2 at cake pops and my dad and I managed to get Ethan's new room painted finally, so I'll blog about those things soon, once I transfer pics and we get the room put back together! :)

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