Friday, May 13, 2011

Quite a Bit of Catching Up!!

Whew! I am not really sure where the past month has gone since things have been so crazy around here.

Ethan has become quite the independent little man with a mind of his own. A few weeks ago he took off the usual white socks that he wears because he wanted to pick out his own socks. Here was the result...

Long, dressy black socks wouldn't have been my choice for an 80-degree day, but hey, at least he picked black instead of brown, right? ;) I guess he just thought they matched his outfit better!! haha!

We celebrated Easter here at the house with an egg hunt. It was a quick one so that the candy wouldn't melt in the super hot temps we had that day, but I think both Ethan and Daisy had fun searching for their respective eggs. :)

At the end of the month Ethan had visits from two of his grandparents. We wonder if he was a bit confused at the lack of a match - his Grandma Frank and his Grandpa Seeley were here at the same time. My mom came down to help watch Ethan so I could get some things done around the house in order to prepare for this little guy's arrival. Josh's dad made the trip down to help Josh work on his outdoor building. In just three days they managed to get a lot accomplished. All of the walls are up and the roof is on and shingled. Now he just needs to get the hardiplank siding on, hang the garage door and man door and get it painted! :) Next up for outdoor projects...we are having our yard done!! Yay! We will have to be sure to post before and after pics of that once it is completed.

While my mom was here, I walked in the March of Dimes March for Babies walk (with my local MomsLikeMe team) in downtown Atlanta. The walk was set for 5.5 miles, but unfortunately, my almost 30-week preggo body couldn't handle the entire walk, so a little over 3 miles in, my friend Tammi and I took the "pooped out" van to the finish. I was proud I was able to accomplish that much in 80+ degree heat with an extra 15 pounds on my tummy! It was great to finally meet Tammi in person since we had been talking online for over a year and a half. Thanks again to my friends and family for their very generous donations to this great cause!

Last Friday afternoon, Ethan's new bedroom furniture was delivered. Yay!! We found a great bunk bed at a nice family business (Goree's Furniture) down in Opelika, AL. So we purchased that and a matching dresser for his new big boy room. They came in much faster than anticipated, but we were excited they made it in time for the Corbett's visit so that cousin Jacob could test them out for us! :) We still need to get the room painted and curtains hung, then we will be ready to move Ethan in, but for now, he definitely enjoys climbing up the ladder and playing on the top bunk! Yikes! I'm so not ready for that!! haha! I'll add more pics once the room is finished. :)

My sister and her family (the Corbett's) came for a visit this past weekend. On Mother's Day, we decided to make the trip over to Pine Mountain to go through the Wild Animal Safari. Ethan loved it last time we went (in October), so we wanted Jacob and Rachel to experience it too. It was a warm day again, but the kids had a blast in the zebra minivan, feeding all of the animals! :)

After our excitement at the park, everyone zonked out for awhile back at the house, then we decided to go to Red Robin for our Mother's Day dinner. We had a yummy, uneventful meal with three kids three and under! Nothing better than that! ;) haha. The next day we got some yummy smoothies at our local smoothie shop and Jacob helped me make my first batch of cake pops! Woo hoo!! Stay tuned, more about those later... :)

We also had a photo session with the cousins and got some GREAT shots for a change! :)

We had a fun visit and the two fur kids, Daisy and Pickle, got to meet too! They loved playing together after getting the initial meeting part out of the way! ;)

Whew. Well, I think that is all for now. My next post will hopefully be coming soon!

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