Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Latest Obsession

It's no secret that my sweet tooth is larger than any other tooth in my mouth and my latest obsession/addiction will confirm that. My trips to Starbucks in recent weeks have now become even more outrageously expensive than before - how is that possible you ask? One answer...cake pops. Oh yes, I was sucked into their vortex by an insanely cute exterior that had me yearning to see (and taste, of course) what was inside. Cake on a stick that looks like a lollipop!?! Why didn't I think of that?? At a hefty $1.50/pop or 2 for $2.50, I was hesitant to pay that much for what appeared to be a very small snack. But alas, Starbucks sucked me in with an offer a few weeks ago for a free cake pop with any drink purchase! Wonderful! I would finally try one of those little suckers and see what I had been missing. what I had been missing indeed!!! I was in heaven as I bit into my birthday cake lollipop, through the sweet, white chocolate candy coating into the middle of the most delicious, moist "cake" I had ever had!! So moist in fact, that some have compared it more to cookie dough than cake. Um, can you say my dream come true!?! Oh yeah, I was hooked, then and there.

Anyone who loves birthday cake as much as I do can't look at that and not fall in love! They do offer other flavors as well - Rocky Road and Tiramisu, to be exact.

I have tried the Rocky Road one as well (they were sold out of the birthday cake flavor at my local Starbucks one afternoon - big surprise!), but wasn't as impressed with it. The cake was chocolate and not nearly as moist. The addition of the chocolate coating, nuts and marshmallow were nice, but it just didn't hit the spot like the birthday cake one did. I have not tried the Tiramisu one, but probably will the next time they are out of the birthday cake ones! ;) Indeed I am truly a vanilla cake lover at heart though. My close friends and family can attest to that!

Now, what to do about this latest obsession...I could continue to spend gobs of money at Starbucks each week (don't get me wrong - I still will on my iced caramel macchiatos!! hehe), but in an effort to be a bit more money-savvy, I am going to attempt to recreate these cake pops at home to satisfy my sweet tooth...probably using this recipe. I need to make a trip to Michael's to gather the sticks and candy, then I will be ready to go! Stay tuned for my adventures in cake pops! :)

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