Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cars, Cars Everywhere!

It was a gray, rainy day in Georgia today, so we didn't feel guilty staying inside for hours today at the Atlanta International Auto Show. Yep, Josh and Ethan's dream come true. I tagged along for the sake of my boys and fortunately it wasn't too painful. ;) Unfortunately though, Ethan has been under the weather since Friday evening, but his fever was down and we thought he would enjoy riding around in the stroller gazing at cars, so we made it up for the last day of the show.

We were able to see lots of the cars that Josh dreams about someday owning when we win the lottery. And of course we checked out all of Kia's vehicles on display. Here they are in front of the new Optima Hybrid.

And here they are in front of the Sorento Josh painted for the show! :)

Ethan really liked checking out the Jeep Wranglers!

The boys had a great day and to top it all off we came home and finished putting together our 750-piece puzzle tonight! Ethan placed the last piece in and the Chicago skyline was complete. :) Pics of that to come later. It was nice to finally have Josh home for the weekend, but it's back to the real world tomorrow.

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