Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's a...

Yep, we're having another little boy!! Though I had to suffer through another full day of waiting to find out when their ultrasound machine went down on Monday (tears!), thankfully I survived and we can now prepare for another little guy's arrival! :) Sorry to the majority who voted for girl on my poll! I would have put money on girl this time...I guess that's why I don't gamble much. ;) hehe. I guess I did have a dream that it was a boy. I should have paid more attention to that!

Funny story. So I laid down on the little bed and she put the gel on and we were just getting started. The screen popped on and viola! This picture is what we saw immediately!! haha! Yep, I was pretty sure I knew what I was looking at on that screen. The tech confirmed it. I guess our little guy must have been anxious to let us know that he was indeed a boy, not the girl that I was expecting. Good thing we wanted to a) know the gender, and b) that I didn't buy that pink bedding I had been eyeing! ;) As my sister said, it looks like he is also giving us a thumbs up too, to let us know that everything looks good! :) Or maybe he's just saying, "Way to go, Dad! Boys are going to rule in our house!" haha! Poor Daisy and I. We are outnumbered for sure now! We are excited about the idea of another little guy. At least I already know what I am doing when it comes to boys and honestly, a girl born under the cancer sign (like myself), may have been too much moodiness for one house to handle! LOL! We think that the boys will be best buds and should be able to share a room well when it comes time to think about the next baby. That will be convenient if we are still in this house.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a great look at the little guy's face. He was apparently more interested in keeping his face buried in the placenta, according to the U/S tech. I guess it's probably nice and warm and cozy there? We tried to get a look on the 3D, but it is kind of hard to see the face behind the placenta. We got a peek at the eyes and nose as you can sort of see in this pic.

Because we didn't get a great view, the tech and doctor said we may just try again later to get a better look! Yay! :) I hope that is the case!!

After we finished the ultrasound, we headed over to the West Georgia hospital for a tour of the maternity floor. Wow. They just opened a brand new maternity area on June 1st and it is beautiful!! It will be quite a treat to deliver the little guy at this facility! :) It reaffirmed to us that our decision to change OBs and hospitals was a good one. We are excited to beginning preparing for this little guy's arrival now. I guess it's time to pick a name aside from 'kumquat'....hmm...ideas anyone?? ;)

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