Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our kiddos! :)

Our little 'handsome dude' has had a great Valentine's Day so far. He enjoyed his extra special PB&J sandwich for lunch today. :) He looks so grown up here!! And he even paused for me to take a pic before he dug in! haha!

We took a wonderful walk this afternoon to enjoy the gorgeous, high 60-degree weather. Little man has now graduated to walking with us sometimes instead of riding in his stroller every time. Yay!! Today, he managed to run at full speed (his full speed, of course, which is a pretty brisk walk for me!) for the entire mile (do we have a runner on our hands??)! He only slowed down to point out each spray-painted number on the side of the road (for utilities I guess?) and to smell the flowers. haha! He is such a goof! :) Speaking of numbers, he is really big on numbers and counting right now. This weekend, when we put him down for his nap, I heard him in his crib, counting away. I turned on the video on his monitor and watched him as he counted. When he was done, he tried to clap for himself (as he normally does, haha), but this was apparently too hard while laying on his tummy. So he sat up, clapped, then decided he was tired, laid back down and went to sleep! He cracks me up daily it seems now! I love this stage where their little personalities really start to show. :)

Hubby and I will celebrate tonight with a romantic meal here at home with our little man. We decided our present for each other this year would be some new bedding for our bedroom. :) Hope everyone has a great day with their sweeties!

Update: Poor Josh. This was the beautiful flower arrangement he picked out that was supposed to be delivered to me on Valentine's Day while he was at work...

But...he got home and noticed that there were no flowers. :( He had been anxiously waiting all day for me to send him a pic of the flowers when I got them and I had even sent him the above pic of Ethan, so he was very concerned when I didn't mention anything. But, he didn't want to call and ask about it in case I hadn't gotten them yet and spoil the surprise!! :( So, he wasn't able to contact the florist until he got home from work that evening. He had been way ahead of the game and ordered them a week ago, but the order got misplaced! So instead of this arrangement, I got what they still had left at almost 8 pm on Valentine's Day (granted it was a bigger arrangement and they threw in an almond tart thing as an apology). It is still very pretty and I will post a pic once the lilies open up, but not quite the same. :( I could tell he was disappointed and he even commented that there were no red flowers, just pink and white, which he said says, "I'm confused about whether I love you or not!" hahaha. Poor guy! I love you dear!!

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