Saturday, April 29, 2017

Noah's {Mixels-Themed} 5th Birthday Party

I can't believe that I only posted 3 times in 2016. :( I'm not sure what happened. I guess life got in the way. It could have had something to do with the fact that we moved again, right after Noah's birthday, a couple weeks before school started in Tennessee. Crazy times. I finally feel like we are mostly settled in now, but of course, things will be crazy again soon! More about that later.

Today it's time to catch up on the boys' birthday parties. First up, Noah's 5th birthday. Almost a year behind here, but that's ok. When I asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday party theme for his 5th birthday, he told me he wanted Lego Mixels. In case you don't know what those are, they are adorable little Lego creatures that come in sets of 3. So, away I went planning an adorable Mixels-themed party for my little guy. First on the agenda, the invitations. I love including photos of the birthday boy on the invites, and of course, it also had to include his favorite Mixels guys.

After the invitations were mailed, I started brainstorming (aka, browsing Pinterest and Google) ideas for the party. I made a custom banner that read "Happy 5th Birthday Noah" using the same Mixels theme and decorated with red, yellow and blue balloons. I also used the Mixels themselves to help decorate the room.

Here's an example of the banner letters, close-up. Each letter featured a Mixel character starting with that same letter (i.e., H was Hoogi, A was Aquad, etc). I threaded jute rope through the pendant pieces to hang it. It worked well and looked great!

For the party favors, I bought plain black paper bags and added "Nixels" (the enemies of the Mixels) faces. Inside the bag, there was a bag of "Mixels mix," which I packaged in clear, plastic bags and topped them with tags. The mix consisted of all kinds of brightly colored candy, to represent all the colors of the Mixels. There were also Mixels fake tattoos for the kids to wear.

I made cupcakes for the party again this year. I didn't want to attempt any elaborate decorating of the cupcakes on the day of the party, so I made cupcake wrappers ahead of time to coordinate with the banner and invite elements. Then as part of the fun, the kids got to decorate their own cupcake..."Make-A-Mixadel"! I bought various candies, including candy eyes, so they could have fun with their creations.

I used mason jars for drinks and added kraft paper straws with some cute MIX, MAX and MURP straw flags to complete the look. More Mixels and Nixels to decorate the HYDRO-tion station. :)

For the dinner menu, we chose:

  • ZORCH sliders (grilled pork tenderloin on Hawaiian sweet rolls served with a BBQ-ranch sauce)
  • Hot JAWGS (100% all-beef hot dogs)
  • VULK 'n cheese (homemade mac 'n cheese)
  • BALK beans (baked beans)
  • LEWT berry salad (fruit salad)
  • Fruit GLORP (homemade fruit dip)
  • Fried SPUGS (potato chips)
  • Tomatoes + BUSTO (tomatoes with homemade basil pesto)
  • SNAX Station
  • Make-A-Mixadel Cupcakes
  • Ice KRAMM (vanilla + salted caramel ice creams)
To drink, I had SPLASH punch for the kids (apple juice + Sprite), and AQUAD (water) for the adults. Noah chose all of his favorites for the menu and we worked together to come up with the names for them. :) Yes, I know I have waaaaay too much fun with this.

Here are some pics of the birthday boy enjoying his parties!! :) 

The final item to take care of was the thank you notes. I made a simple flat 4" x 6" card to go with the theme.

Because who doesn't love getting something sweet in the mail instead of bills? ;) It was an adorable, fun party for a little guy who loves his Mixels!!

Happy (belated) 5th Birthday to our little middle!

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