Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day {free printable}

Valentine, you make my heart glow! (singing in head, "Wild thing, you make my heart sing!") Hehe!

Isn't this adorable?!? I had discovered this super cute idea for valentines via Pinterest (of course!), on this blog. So, when I found glow sticks in the Target dollar spot (15 for $1!!), I decided this would be the perfect, fun valentine for the boys this year! With a total of 26 classmates between the two of them (I guess this number probably won't be getting any lower though!), and after spending a good chunk of change on Christmas treats for their preschool friends, it was nice to save some money with these. :)

So, I designed the tags, printed them on 120# cover, cut them out, punched holes in the sides, and threaded the glow sticks in! Quick and easy!

Now, they are all ready for the boys' Valentine's Day parties at school tomorrow...unless the snow cancels on us again! :/ The blog that inspired these valentines offers a printable, but it would need to be printed on colored paper. Since I wanted to be able to print on white cover, I made a colored printable. If you're still in need of some cute valentines for your kiddos, feel free to click the print button below to print this 8.5"x11" page! :) You will need to view the PDF from a desktop or laptop computer. It will not load on a mobile device. I have this PDF available in my Etsy shop, with editable PDF fields for typing your child's name in before printing! :)

So, that's all I've got for you this year. Nothing super exciting, like three years ago around Valentine's Day, when we announced that we would be having a second little boy...

Or like last year, when we announced that we were expecting our third baby!

But, I will leave you with all of this cuteness! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day 2014!

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