Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now!

It's amazing what a small difference in a lens prescription can make. My new pair of glasses came in the mail recently, with my updated prescription. I can see again! Well, I could see before, but not as well as I can now. It's unfortunate that I even have to wear the darn things again after having Lasik surgery back in January of 2001, almost 12 years ago! But, thanks to all those pregnancy hormones and such, my eyes are just one more body part that isn't the same as it used to be before kids. Surprise, surprise.

I recently went into my eye doctor's office to check out their frames. My current pair was ready to break (poor design with the screws right through the lenses), so I needed to get a new pair and wanted to see how some different pairs looked on me. I found a few that I liked, then asked about pricing. Jaw drop! Now that our insurance only covers the vision exam, with no credit for contacts or frames/lens, everything comes out of pocket. I wasn't about to shell out over $300 just for frames, with lenses on top of that! Yikes! Enter coastal contacts...

Lovin' my new frames!

This site is truly amazing. You can actually get your first pair of glasses with them for free! It's super easy to enter all of the information you need, and you can virtually try on most of the frames to see how they will look on your face! Sweet!

First, you start by uploading a photo, or taking one with your web cam. You can enlarge or reduce, and/or rotate the photo until it fits nicely in the target area.

Then you just line up the crosshair targets on your eyes, enter your PD (pupillary distance) and proceed to the next step! You can get a pretty good idea of what they will look like on your face, or you can try them on one of their models as well.

I ordered these frames: Kam Dhillon 3002, but it appears the closest one
that they currently have is Kam Dhillon 3003 (black, instead of brown)

They will let you know all the details about the frames, including the measurements, so you can compare them to a current pair that you wear, to get a better idea of how they will fit.

At the next screen, on step 1, you will choose how you will use your glasses (see below). For step 2, you will enter your prescription information. You can choose a prescription between -12.00 to +6.00! I don't have much of a prescription now compared to what I did before surgery, but it's enough to need to correct it.

For the final step, step 3, you will select your lenses. They will recommend an option for you based on your prescription. You can choose from the following:
  • Clear
    • Durable Air Lenses (this is what I chose)
    • Thin Air Lenses
    • Ultra Thin Air Lenses
  • Sunglasses & Transistions (not available for all frames)
    • Durable Transitions VI Lenses - Gray
    • Durable Air Sunglasses Lenses - Gray
    • Durable Air Sunglasses Lenses - Brown
    • Thin Air Photochromic Lenses - Gray
Now you are ready to checkout! You will have to pay for shipping and handling with your first free pair, and any additional upgrades that you want and/or need. I chose to add their combo of lens coatings value bundle for $19.95, which includes an anti-reflective coating, UV protective coating and a scratch resistant coating. When I returned to the site to look into an additional pair, it looks like all of these coatings are currently offered for free with the purchase of a pair of glasses at their regular price and shipping is free for orders over $99. Sweet!

My glasses arrived pretty quickly after ordering them (10 days after I placed my order) and were packaged up nicely in a hard lens case, with a cleaning spray and cloth, and a little screwdriver tool. The cloth by itself does an amazing job of getting little fingerprints off of my lenses (gee, where would those come from?). ;)

Coastal Contacts also has an awesome return policy. You have 366 days to return your glasses if you aren't happy with them for any reason! I don't think you'll need to worry about that, though, because I love mine! If you are interested in placing an order, please do me a favor and click through to their site from the picture below. You can help me earn cash credits towards another pair when you make a purchase! Thanks so much! :)

I hope you love your glasses as much as I do if you decide to order!

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