Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beach Time!

Ahhhh....the beach! We recently returned from a long overdue vacation to one of our favorite places...the Gulf Coast! We made the trip two years ago with my parents, sister, her husband and their two children. We wanted to go back last year, but by the time Josh would have been able to escape from work, I was super preggo and we didn't think it would be much fun at that point. So, we were super excited when we noticed that the house we had rented, Heavenly Palms, was available and had been discounted as a last minute special! Woo hoo!

This time, we invited Josh's parents to join us for the week. Of course they jumped at the chance to spend a week with their two favorite grandsons! ;)

We weren't really sure how the boys were going to feel about all of the time spent lounging on the beach and in the pool, but we quickly discovered that they were born to be beach bums like ourselves! :) Awesome. 

Sand is fun!

Even when Daddy buries us in it. :)

Walking in the wet stuff is pretty cool too!

Morning naps on the beach with this adorable tiny man were one of the highlights of my week!

The pool was a huge hit too with everyone!!

This little shark liked catching some rays, despite wanting to "be white" instead of getting a tan. ;) Haha!

Even Daisy enjoyed her naps in the sun. :)

We enjoyed lunches on the screened in porch. I don't think these little guys could get much cuter or it would probably be illegal. ;)

Many hours were logged under the sun on the beautiful beach!

Priceless memories were made with two special little guys and a wonderful doggy. :)

It was a wonderful, relaxing trip and we can't wait to go back!! We had some fantastic meals at some of the local restaurants. I wish I would have taken pics of my excellent meals. I had an incredible crab-stuffed grouper at Sunset Coastal Grill, as well as a cup of their scrumptious lobster bisque. Josh enjoyed his pecan-crusted mahi mahi. I had a delicious crab cake sandwich and cup of cheese grits at Triple Tails, while Josh enjoyed a softshell crab po'boy. We all gobbled up some fantastic pizza and a pot of chocolate at Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza. I definitely recommend the Due and the Margherita. You know how much I love garlic and they used the perfect amount! We cooked a few meals at the house as well. My favorite was definitely the night we bought some fresh caught shrimp from a local market and grilled it along with some pineapple. Served on a bed of brown rice and topped with a cajun butter sauce, it was excellent! Definitely a meal we need to have again soon. :)

The Seeley Family - April 2012

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