Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carpe Diem? Carpe a couple of Kairoses instead!

I have been wanting to write a post about this topic for quite awhile now, so when I came across a link to this post by Glennon Melton (<---- click here) on one of my Facebook friend's walls, I knew I had to share it with fellow parents! There is no way I can come close to articulating my thoughts as well as she did, so I'll mostly let her words speak for me. :) This is definitely one of my deeper posts, but one that I feel I need to write for myself and others who find themselves in this same situation.

Since adding another child to the mix here, I have definitely had my share of days when I felt that just making it to bedtime was all I could handle. I was certainly not seizing the day, merely surviving it. I started to wonder if this was normal. Shouldn't I be ecstatic about the opportunity to stay at home with my two amazing little boys? Wasn't I living the American dream?? Maybe so, but I definitely didn't feel like it. I started to feel guilty and question my decision to be a SAHM. Fortunately, through a little discussion with other fellow moms, I realized that this isn't unusual and I wasn't alone. Whew.

When I read this article this morning, I was again filled with hope that there are lots of other moms out there feeling the same way as me. Maybe I am normal after all? While I don't always enjoy every second of every day, I enjoy the overall ride. I am happy with our choice to become parents and our choice for me to raise our children instead of working outside of the home. While I may not enjoy those moments when Ethan is screaming for food or attention, while Noah has just knocked over Daisy's bowl of food for the millionth time and Daisy has just puked on the floor because she didn't eat that day...once everything is taken care of, I am happy that we are all still happy and healthy overall. We have once again survived the day. It's so easy to forget the good moments...when Ethan helps me entertain Noah or tells me he loves me, when Noah flashes me a huge grin as I walk into his room to get him in the morning and when Daisy cuddles up to snuggle with me for a nap. I need to remember these moments. So instead of seizing the day and every second of it, I will continue to savor those wonderful moments that make me glad that I became a mom! As Glennon said so eloquently, I will "carpe a couple of Kairoses a day."

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