Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours! An appropriate card for this year, as our days are filled with much peace, joy and love with our two little boys. :)

Here is our letter for the on the pic to see a slightly larger, more legible version! :)

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas at home here in Georgia this year. With our big move scheduled for next week, we felt it would be easier to stick around here then spend the week on the road visiting with our families. With all of the time Josh has spent traveling to and from TN lately, it will be a nice break for him to get to relax for the week.

We spent our Christmas Eve doing the things we traditionally do, which includes making Christmas cut out cookies and watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS. We were able to get a big smile out of Ethan here with the promise of more cookie dough. Like mother, like son! ;) haha!

Once the boys were in bed, it was time to get to wrapping! Of course, Santa forgot to check how much Scotch tape he had left, so we ran out around 12:30 am. Awesome. Fortunately, the packing tape came in handy as a substitute!

Though Ethan woke up Christmas morning excitedly saying, "Race cars? Race cars?" he was in no hurry as he snoozed way past 10 am. I have a feeling we probably won't get the luxury of sleeping in next year or for many more years to come, but it was nice while it lasted.

Ethan was very excited Christmas morning to come downstairs to a bunch of presents piled under the tree. Amazingly, we convinced him to pose for a picture before beginning to open everything.

Quite the expert this year, he enjoyed helping Daisy, Noah, Daddy and Mommy all open up theirs too! :) He was super excited about adding another 20 cars to collection!

Even Noah got in on the action and did a pretty decent job at tearing the paper off his presents too. :)

Later, Daddy helped Ethan set up his new race track. Santa definitely knew what this little boy wanted for Christmas! ;)

We enjoyed our traditional Santa-cakes for brunch. Here's Ethan pointing out the "reindeer poo" in his. hehe ;)

We spent the day relaxing, playing with new toys and watching movies. It was a fun day for everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas spent with your families and have a blessed, happy new year!

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