Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We kept it simple this year for Father's Day. We decided to pack up Ethan and Daisy and head to a local park (Clark Park) on West Point Lake for a picnic dinner. We packed up some goodies at home and stopped at Publix to get some subs, then made our way to the park. Though the day had been another hot one, it felt great sitting at a picnic table as the sun was setting.

Ethan enjoyed his GoGurt...

He's such a little sweetheart! :)

And here is Daddy with his kids! :)

We'll definitely have to plan more trips to the lake this year! We also spent a majority of the day giving the house a very thorough cleaning. I guess we were both nesting! ;)

Ethan and I made another trip to the park today. We had the area all to ourselves for quite awhile and he was loving it, going down slide after slide, only taking water breaks when I made him. 

A few more kids showed up later, including a particularly aggressive little 4/5-year-old girl. For some reason, this girl decided she wanted to chase Ethan around the playground. Ethan was not impressed. He kept trying to shove her away anytime she caught him, but she wasn't getting the hint. :( Eventually, he gave up and decided he wanted to leave. Poor guy. Fortunately, Mommy made it all better with a stop at the local smoothie shop on our way home for a yummy treat! I'm hoping we can get a few more trips to the park in before this little guy arrives, but we shall see. I am 37 weeks today, which means that I am technically full-term and he could arrive at anytime now! I am not holding my breath though, given how late Ethan arrived. But, at least I feel ready this time, so I am excited to meet this little man! :)

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